We tried a lot of dishes from Crystal Jade’s new CNY menus & realised more reunion dinners should include dim sum

Diet starts after Chinese New Year.

| Karen Lui | Sponsored | January 03, 2022, 05:55 PM

New Year’s Day might be over but Chinese New Year is just around the corner on Feb. 1.

Besides the red packets, one of the things I look forward to most during Chinese New Year is the feasting.

It’s the only time of the year when I am encouraged to indulge in good food to prepare myself for yet another bustling year ahead.

Known for high quality Chinese cuisine, Crystal Jade is often a popular choice for gatherings with family, friends, business partners, and other guests.

We had a taste of some of the new dishes in their 2022 Lunar New Year line-up across Crystal Jade’s various restaurants, including takeaway goodies that can be enjoyed at home.

Here are the dishes that we’ve tried from each of the Crystal Jade concepts in Singapore:

Dine-in dishes

Crystal Jade Palace

First up were three representative dishes from Crystal Jade Palace and Crystal Jade Golden Palace.

While the items featured are typically only available at their respective concept restaurants, they are available at the flagship Crystal Jade Palace at Takashimaya Shopping Centre that is known for Cantonese classics.

Located just across the street is Crystal Jade Golden Palace at Paragon, which specialises in Teochew and Cantonese fare.

Food served at Crystal Jade Palace. Image by Crystal Jade.

One of the most eye-catching dishes of the tasting session was the blue Steamed Har Gao with Butterfly Pea and Gold Flake (S$8.80 for three pieces).

Image by Karen Lui.

Topped with vibrant orange tobiko, the pop of colours make them stand out on any dining table.

Each dumpling contains a whole juicy prawn inside.

Image by Karen Lui.

Despite its unconventional appearance, the dumpling tastes like a good Har Gao served at a reputable dim sum restaurant.

Next, the resemblance of the Deep-fried Pumpkin Balls with Lava Salted Egg Yolk (S$9.80 for three pieces) to mini pumpkins makes them look adorable.

Image by Karen Lui.

Don’t let its appearance fool you as the pumpkin flavour is surprisingly muted, which allows the rich lava salted egg yolk to shine.

With an exterior made of fried mochi dough, which lends a nice chewy texture, the balls taste like Taiwanese sweet potato balls filled with lava salted egg yolk.

Image by Karen Lui.

Its sweetness may make it more suitable as a dessert but if you’re a Liu Sha Bao fan, you probably wouldn’t mind having it earlier in the meal.

Compared to the previous two small bites, the Steamed Glutinous Rice with Roasted An Xin Chicken with Ginger Scallion Sauce wrapped in Lotus Leaf served in Bamboo Basket (S$45) is more substantial as a dish.

Image by Crystal Jade.

Despite the dry appearance of the chicken skin, the meat remained moist and flavourful.

While the chicken tastes good on its own, the steamed glutinous rice complements the meat well while lending extra texture and flavour in each mouthful.

Image by Karen Lui.

For the uninitiated, Anxin chickens are free from antibiotics and hormone stimulants, making them suitable for those who prefer organic food.

Overall, the dishes from the two fine-dining concepts offer a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

For the uninitiated, Anxin chickens are free from antibiotics and hormone stimulants, making them suitable for those who prefer organic food.

Overall, the dishes from the two fine-dining concepts offer a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Other recommendations at Crystal Jade Palace include:

  • Double-boiled Australian abalone with Chuan Bei and walnut (S$38 per pax)
  • Braised superior bird’s nest with crab meat and roe in fragrant thick soup (S$88 per pax)
  • Sautéed Chinese lettuce and assorted capsicum with bamboo clam accompanied with crispy golden black moss roll (S$78 per portion)
  • Pan-fried sea cucumber stuffed with kurobuta pork, black moss accompanied with Chinese ‘iron yam’ and scallion (S$48 per pax).
  • Roasted USDA Prime short rib and foie gras with honey char siew sauce (S$34 per pax)
  • Crispy pandan ‘nian gao’ with icing sugar (S$12.80 for six pieces)

In addition, Crystal Jade Golden Palace offer Teochew specialities such as:

  • Grilled tiger prawn with ‘Puning’ soya bean paste (S$20 per pax)
  • Braised American duck in Teochew style with crystal green bean noodles (S$28/S$52/S$90)
  • Braised superior bird’s nest with winter melon and crab meat (S$78 per pax)
  • Crispy sea cucumber with preserved olive vegetable (S$32)

If you’re thinking of popping by Crystal Jade Palace for lunch, their dim sum menu comprises more than 15 items, including favourites such as congee, appetisers and small bites.

The dim sum menu is available from Feb. 1 to 15, 2022.

Moreover, both Crystal Jade Palace and Crystal Jade Golden Palace offer set menus that are priced between S$138 to S$198 per pax for a party of two to four, and from S$638 for a party of five.

A vegetarian set menu (S$108 per pax) is also available.

Crystal Jade Dining IN

Crystal Jade Dining IN at VivoCity has more to offer beyond the stunning waterfront view of Sentosa.

We tried the Double-boiled Fish Maw and American Sea Whelk with Matsutake Mushroom (S$42.80 per pax).

Image by Karen Lui.

Filled with premium nourishing ingredients, the soup is light with a tonic-like taste.

Other recommendations include:

  • Steamed Chilean cod fish with red and green chilli in Puning sauce (S$24.80 per pax)
  • Claypot rice with soya duck and Chinese preserved meat (S$108, can serve five people)
  • Eight treasures sweet soup with peach resin (S$9.80 per pax)

Set menus at Crystal Jade Dining IN range from S$138 to S$198 per pax (minimum party of two) and from S$638 for five people, with a vegetarian option available.

A new dish to ring in the Chinese New Year with is the Opulence 3-head Abalone Yusheng (S$128/S$198).

Image by Crystal Jade.

Tossed in a roselle and yuzu-based dressing, the dish includes ingredients like lightly-torched abalone slices, jellyfish, ikura or salmon roe, deep-fried yam strips and chickpeas, and crunchy Hsin Chu beehoon.

The new Yusheng is available at Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace and Crystal Jade Dining IN for dine-in and takeaway from Jan. 10, 2022, and for online orders from Dec. 6, 2021 to Feb. 10, 2022.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, Crystal Jade Jiang Nan and Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen

There are no prizes for guessing what Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao’s specialities are.

While you can’t go wrong with the classics, why not consider trying something new?

Another potential conversation starter at your dinner table would be the Steamed Prawn and Preserved Vegetable Siew Mai (S$8.80 for three pieces).

Image by Crystal Jade.

Resembling a flower with its bright pink folds surrounding a small prawn tail and parsley, it’s as eye-catching as the blue Har Gao.

The siew mai tastes similar to the typical yellow ones despite its different appearance.

Image by Karen Lui.

These pink dim sum are a reliable choice if you want that Insta-worthy shot of your food but prefer to stick to classic flavours.

For a hearty dish, the Poached Rice with Oyster, Preserved Vegetable & Dried Shrimp in Superior Broth (S$20.80) might just be right up your alley.

Image by Crystal Jade.

The first thing we noticed in the pao fan was their generosity with large, juicy oysters.

Suitable for two to three pax, the warm broth is flavourful and comforting.

Image by Karen Lui.

Pao fan fans may miss that crunch of crispy rice — an iconic feature in pao fan — but the rich flavours and textures of the dish more than make up for it.

Among the diversity of seafood, fish is something you can’t miss out on during Chinese New Year as it symbolises abundance or surplus.

Introducing the Steamed Barramundi with Preserved Vegetable and Garlic (S$38.80) from Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen.

Image by Crystal Jade.

Besides the inviting aroma, the plating shows off the thick chunks of fish meat.

The sheer amount of garlic that is topped on the fish promises and delivers a very garlicky taste.

Image by Karen Lui.

We could not really discern the pickled vegetables, perhaps due to how well it complements the garlic and the sauce.

The fish might seem basic upon the first bite but it’s quite moreish, and we found ourselves going back for more.

As with any whole fish dishes, don’t forget to watch out for bones before taking a bite.

Other recommendations at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan and Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao restaurants include:

  • Crispy pork strips with fried garlic (S$26.80)
  • Steamed pork and water chestnut dumpling topped with egg and black fungus (S$7.80 for three pieces)
  • Blooming lotus flower Chinese pastry (S$6.80 for three pieces)

Diners at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen can check out the following limited-time a la carte dishes:

  • Crisp-fried Boston lobster with pork floss (S$88 for 600g)
  • Stewed pork knuckle with shiitake mushroom and black moss (S$36.80)
  • Fortune fried glutinous rice with Sakura shrimp (S$22.80)
  • Chilled aloe vera and white fungus with Osmanthus honey jelly (S$6.80 per pax)

Set menus for Crystal Jade Jiang Nan, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, and Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen are available from S$368 to S$508 for parties of five.

For parties of two to four, individual menus cost S$68 per pax.

Dine-in promotions

The Chinese New Year period at participating Crystal Jade restaurants will commence from Jan. 17, 2022, to Feb. 15, 2022 with set menus for up to five people available.

Reservations can be made online via the Inline website.

Do note that selected outlets will be closed on Feb. 1.

All diners who dine-in during the Chinese New Year period will receive a set of Festive Angbao pack, which includes 20 per cent off a minimum spend of S$88, 30 per cent off with no minimum spend and S$2.80 off purchases on Crystal Jade’s e-store. Terms & conditions apply and while stocks last.

Jadeite members and Citibank and UOB cardmembers can enjoy discounts for dine-in reservations during the respective periods:

Dates when the reservations are made Jadeite members Citibank and UOB cardmembers
Early Bird Special: Dec. 6, 2021 - Jan. 10, 2022 20 per cent 10 per cent
Exclusive Privilege: Jan. 11, 2022 - Feb. 15, 2022 10 per cent 5 per cent

Festive Takeaway Goodies

Last but not least, here are some dishes that you can enjoy in the comforts of your home as a takeaway or delivery meal.

Image by Crystal Jade.

Chinese banquet staple Buddha Jump Over The Wall (S$88 each, minimum order of two) needs no introduction.

Image by Karen Lui.

Boasting more than 10 premium ingredients such as a whole eight-head abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, cordyceps flower, and conpoy, it is a treat worth splurging on for the annual festivities.

If you tend to skip desserts because you don’t have a sweet tooth, the new Yuzu Mandarin Orange Jelly (S$23.80 for seven-inch jelly) might change your mind.

Image by Crystal Jade.

Besides the scattered fruit bits that are visible due to the clarity of the jelly, the taste of it also gives it the impression of a healthy dessert.

Unlike most jellies in the market that tend to be overly sweet, this one had just a touch of sweetness.

Image by Karen Lui.

The peel and pulp of oranges and yuzu add some texture and a hint of citrus flavour without overpowering the jelly with sourness.

It should suit those who are looking for a light yet refreshing treat to round off their reunion dinner.

Don’t be too quick to gloss over the new Gula Melaka Sponge Cake with Walnut (S$23.80 for seven-inch cake) that may look basic upon first glance, compared to the other more vibrantly-coloured dishes.

Image by Crystal Jade.

Served warm or chilled, the cake is light and fluffy without being overly sweet despite being Gula Melaka-flavoured.

Image by Karen Lui.

Besides the walnuts that adorn the top of the cake, bits of walnuts hidden in the cake add texture to each bite.

Even if you think you might be too full for dessert, order one anyway to have it with tea or coffee later.

Both the Yuzu Mandarin Orange Jelly and Gula Melaka Sponge Cake with Walnut are included in the Eternal Bliss Platter (S$60.80), together with the Prosperity Carrot Cake, Abundance Yam Cake, and Fortune Glutinous Rice Cake.

You can also enjoy the Gula Melaka Sponge Cake with Walnut as part of the bestselling CNY Special Take home Set Menu (S$308 for five people):

  • Reunion Tiger Prawn Yu Sheng
  • Sauteed Scallop with Ling Zhi Mushroom and Assorted Vegetable
  • Steamed Salted Chicken with Ginger and Scallion Sauce
  • Braised Abalone and Homemade Pipa Beancurd with Black Moss
  • Fortune Fried Glutinous Rice with Sakura Shrimp
  • Gula Melaka Sponge Cake with Walnut

Another new item on the takeaway menu is the Braised Duck with Preserved Black Bean (S$52.80 for whole duck).

Image by Crystal Jade.

You can pre-order these festive takeaway goodies online at their e-store and outlets from Dec. 6, 2021 to Feb. 15, 2022, and pick them up from outlets islandwide from Jan. 10, 2022.

Check out with the promo code <MSCJ8> for an additional eight per cent off e-store orders until Feb. 10, 2022.

Here are the discounts that Jadeite members, Citibank and UOB cardmembers can enjoy for takeaway pre-orders:

Dates when the pre-orders are made Jadeite members Citibank and UOB cardmembers
Early Bird Special: Dec. 6, 2021 - Jan. 10, 2022 20 per cent 15 per cent
Exclusive Privilege: Jan. 11, 2022 - Feb. 15, 2022 15 per cent 10 per cent

The Chinese New Year set and takeaway items are not available at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departure/ Transit Lounge East.

Hamper and tea set

Regardless of whether you can meet your loved ones and business partners for a sit-down meal, you can check out the CNY Hamper Gift Set (S$238) and Premium Tea Gift Set (S$108) by Crystal Jade as festive gifts to convey your well wishes.

Image by Crystal Jade.

Image by Crystal Jade.

For more information on Crystal Jade’s festive promotions and Chinese New Year 2022 menus, click here.

You can also click here to locate the respective Crystal Jade outlets.

Prices stated are subject to prevailing GST and service charge (where applicable).

This sponsored article has made the writer look forward to feasting on her favourite Chinese New Year goodies.

Top images by Crystal Jade and Karen Lui.