I got an electric toothbrush & realised I was brushing my teeth wrong all my life

Teeth brushing will never be the same again.

| Fiona Tan | Sponsored | December 01, 2021, 01:47 PM

Considering that humans have been brushing their teeth from as early as 5,000 years ago, the process should be second nature for most, if not all, of us.

Add to that the consistent reminders from dentists on how to brush teeth whenever one pops by for a dental appointment, we should be adept at this activity by now.

After all, how hard can it be to brush your teeth?

But the real question is how hard should you brush your teeth for them to be sparkling clean?

If you still think that adding more pressure when you brush your teeth is good for your pearly whites, you are wrong.

The truth is you don’t have to, and should not, apply too much pressure.

I learnt about this, and all the other ways I got teeth brushing wrong, after trying out the ZenyumSonic™ electric toothbrush.

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Now, back to the err of my (old) ways.

1) Brush, not scrub

Remember how your dentist nagged at you demonstrated how to brush your teeth gently with this teeth model and in an up-and-down or in a circular motion?

A familiar sight during dental visits. Image from Alibaba.

Note that the keyword used is brush, not scrub.

Based on the frayed state of my toothbrushes over the years, I have been scrubbing – brushing aggressively – instead of brushing my teeth all along.

Applying too much pressure while brushing your teeth can potentially damage them and your gums too.

With the ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush, there is absolutely zero need to brush your teeth manually, be it whether you are a back-and-forth brusher, or a circular motion brusher.

All that’s left for you to do is to simply glide the ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush along your teeth, and let the ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush get to working.

Moving at 33,000 vibrations per minute, that’s 550 vibrations per second, the toothbrush bristles will do the heavy lifting of brushing and cleaning your teeth.

Toothbrush bristles vibrate 33,000 times per minute. Video by Fiona Tan.

Additionally, the bristles from the ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush produces microbubbles and pressure waves that mimic the flow of water, all the better to clean your itty bitty teeth with.

Image courtesy of Zenyum.

ZenyumSonic™ toothbrushes are also fitted with soft bristled DuPont brush heads, which are better at removing plaque, and also gentler on your teeth and gums.

What this all achieves is a deeper clean, which reduces the buildup of tartar and plaque in the areas of your teeth that are difficult to reach.

That was something that I learnt with my ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush.

2) 2 minutes

Next, brushing your teeth should take only 2 minutes.

Image courtesy of Zenyum.

To ensure my teeth are absolutely clean, I have been brushing my teeth aggressively (which now I know is wrong), and for longer than 2 minutes.

This explains my surprise when my ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush switched off after 2 minutes, while I was mid-brush.

Running my tongue through my teeth, I found my teeth to be mostly clean by the end of 2 minutes.

I usually took longer and paid extra attention when brushing those teeth at the back of my gum.

Reaching the teeth at the back is now a breeze thanks to the smaller brush head of the ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush, which gives the toothbrush more room to move around, reaching these areas which are typically harder to reach.

Those who do want to brush their teeth for a slightly longer while can opt for an additional 30 seconds on the white setting which activates a polishing effect that helps get rid of stubborn stains.

The white setting is one of three settings on the ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush.

The two other settings are clean, and gentle.

The gentle mode is perfect for those with slightly more sensitive teeth.

Three modes. Video by Fiona Tan.

3) Good oral health goes beyond your teeth and gums

While I do pay attention to my teeth a fair bit, my tongue is an oft neglected part of my oral health.

Most manual toothbrushes, or at least the ones that I owned in the past, do not come with a tongue cleaner.

However, the ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush comes with small textured back that can be used as a tongue cleaner, making it an all-in-one tool to achieving oral health from teeth to tongue.

Brushing teeth alone will not be sufficient to ensure that our oral health is in tip-top condition.

This is because bad bacteria can still remain and accumulate on our tongues and in our mouths.

Cleaning our tongues removes the bad bacteria accumulated in our mouths, which in turn prevents gum infections, tooth decay, and even bad breath.

After all, no one enjoys having bad breath, right?

More about ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush

The ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush comes with a rechargeable battery.

The electric toothbrush can last up to three to four weeks of daily brushing between charges.

It also comes with a wireless charging base and the ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush is fully waterproof.

There are five sleek colours available for you to choose from.

Five sleek colours. Image courtesy of Zenyum.

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Top image by Fiona Tan