I went for a customised hair & scalp treatment & found out I have a dehydrated scalp with clogged pores

10/10 would go again.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | December 02, 2021, 05:45 PM

When a chance recently came up to try a customised hair and scalp treatment with TK TrichoKare, I happily accepted.

Apart from wanting to identify any hair problems I may have, I also wanted to experience what a customised hair and scalp treatment was like after hearing rave reviews from my colleagues.

TK TrichoKare at Clementi Mall

Being a westie, I booked an appointment at TrichoKare’s Clementi Mall outlet, which was located on the fifth floor.

Upon entering the salon, I was greeted by a group of friendly staff and ushered into a room to fill up a form.

The form asked some pretty detailed questions, from what my dietary and sleeping patterns were like to my stress levels and even health conditions.

These questions were aimed at finding out if my scalp was getting enough of these three things: oxygen, nutrients and hydration.

After filling up the questionnaire, I was promptly assisted by one of TrichoKare’s experienced hair and scalp specialists, Kim.

Using a lens tool with a magnifying rate of 200 times, Kim examined the top, back and sides of my scalp.

The top and back of my scalp

As you can see in these pictures, my scalp suffers from dehydration and clogged pores.

Kim also pointed out that the protective layer on my scalp was very thin and this could be one reason why my hair does not experience much renewed growth.

According to him, only five per cent of the nutrients we consume goes to our nails and hair, so factors like stress and insufficient sleep can affect nutrient-uptake and in turn, the rate of hair growth.

The four-step treatment

Within minutes, I was whisked to a seat where I began a four-step treatment based on my hair and scalp conditions.

Step 1

The first step was to apply a customised hair masque made of premium European herbs onto my scalp.

Apparently, this is supposed to help to detox the scalp and unclog ones pores.

After the masque was applied, it was then massaged into my scalp, which proved to be extremely effective at both soothing and de-stressing me.

The masque had a minty, cooling feel on my scalp, and felt extremely refreshing.

Step 2

After letting it sit for 15 minutes, it was time for a revitalising hair wash and - yup, another head massage.

As someone whose favourite part of going to a hairdresser is the free head massages when getting a hair wash, this was definitely a welcome treat.

My hair and scalp specialist was so skillful at massaging all the right spots that I could really feel the difference once she was done.

Even my colleague who was assisting me with photo-taking remarked that the massage looked “very shiok”.

Step 3

After being escorted back to my seat and getting my hair blown till it was 70 per cent dry, it was time for the OxyJet step and application of customised ampoule (peptide) onto my scalp.

The mystical blue peptide solution of wonders

Using a stethoscope-looking device, my hair and scalp specialist simultaneously applied the peptide liquid and pumped oxygen into my hair and scalp.

Apparently, this would help to stimulate blood circulation in my scalp to increase absorption of peptide liquid for hair growth.

I really enjoyed the cool, tingling sensation of the peptide liquid and oxygen being injected into my head, and wished that this step of the treatment would have lasted just a little bit longer.

I mean, girls you know, then like, we want to be pampered, right???

Step 4

Finally, the last step of treatment - Photodynamic Therapy.

According to my hair and scalp specialist, this laser light technology helps to support hair regeneration and accelerate healing.

The results

​​This is what my scalp looked like before the treatment.

The top and back of my scalp

This is what my scalp looked like after the treatment.

The top and back of my scalp

As you can see, the surface of my scalp was much shinier after the treatment because of the peptide solution, which provided it with more hydration.

My pores were also no longer clogged.

While I was pretty pleased with how the treatment went, my hair and scalp specialist told me that this scalp condition would only last a week because regular treatments are needed to maintain such results.

Nonetheless, I would say that my overall experience at TrichoKare was a fuss-free and effective one.

If, like me, you would like to get your hair and scalp checked, you can book an appointment for TrichoKare’s Award-winning Advanced Scalp Detox and Care Treatment at just S$40 nett.

Far westies can also try out this treatment at TrichoKare’s brand new outlet at Jurong Point (#B1-62), opening on Dec. 1 this year!

This sponsored article by TK TrichoKare made this writer more aware of how to take care of her hair.

Top image via Melanie Lim and TK TrichoKare