I found out for myself that you might not need metal braces to correct your teeth alignment problems

I was relieved that my nagging teeth problems can be fixed with clear aligners.

| Low Jia Ying | Sponsored | November 17, 2021, 08:00 PM

My teeth have always been a mild source of insecurity for me.

While it was never bad enough to warrant getting braces when I was a teenager, the slight misalignment of my front teeth gave me a bit of a crooked smile that I was never really proud of.

Getting metal braces now as an adult also seemed like a bit of an expensive and drastic measure for what is just a small issue for me.

So when a fellow colleague suggested that I go down for a consultation session for Zenyum’s invisible braces, I jumped at the opportunity.

The pre-assessment

Before the consultation session with a dentist, I had to complete a pre-assessment to determine whether I am a suitable candidate for Zenyum’s invisible braces.

A pre-assessment is needed as Zenyum’s invisible braces cannot rectify very serious teeth misalignment problems, which may require more traditional metal braces.

This pre-assessment is entirely online, completely free, and really simple.

You fill up a short form and then upload some pictures of your teeth for Zenyum’s in-house dentists to assess.

After getting the green light, you will be invited to book an appointment with one of Zenyum’s dentist partners for a physical consultation session.

The consultation

I was booked to see a dentist at Zenyum's partner dental clinic in the Botanic Gardens area, and though going to the dentist typically fills me with dread, this was one of the least intimidating dentist experiences I’ve had.

Very calming green wall in the waiting area at the dentist’s.

After filling up some forms, I was called to get some X-rays of my teeth and mouth done.

I learnt that an X-ray is both a necessary and important step for a dentist to identify any underlying issues that I may have before embarking on an orthodontic treatment.

I then met the dentist who assessed my teeth and took an intraoral 3D scan of my teeth.

This was a really cool experience. I got to see in real time, an exact 3D image of my teeth (with all its crevices and colour) replicated on a screen.

I am told that there is no need for any gag-inducing putty mold to be shoved in my mouth (thankfully!).

The clear aligners would be made based on this 3D scan.

Much less gag-inducing than the putty molds.

The dentist then brought up my X-rays and 3D scans and we had a discussion on what about my teeth I would like to see improved.

I learnt that there is so much more than just “crooked teeth”.

I told him that one of the things that bothered me was that my right upper canine looked like it was bulging out, which made my smile seem asymmetrical.

He carefully explained to me that it wasn’t because the tooth itself was too big, but that it was rotated a bit out of place, and the incisor next to it was smaller in comparison to the one on my left, which gave the illusion that it was sticking out.

Thankfully, he said that there wasn’t much too wrong with my teeth and then explained how the invisible braces would help guide my teeth back into shape.

My consultation with the dentist.

He told me that my teeth all fell within a natural arc and that the invisible braces could help rectify what I felt was wrong with my teeth.

Are you suited for clear aligners?

Zenyum’s invisible braces will be able to treat a range of teeth alignment issues.

Common problems include gaps between teeth, crowding, overbite, and minor crooked teeth.

Image via Zenyum.

Although wanting to fix these alignment issues may be purely aesthetic, in some cases, there are health benefits to ensuring that your teeth are aligned.

For one, having an overbite may make you tend to wear down your back teeth while chewing, making them thinner and weaker over time. This may invite more bacteria to grow, causing pain when chewing in the future.

Having better aligned teeth also makes it easier to brush them as food particles won’t get stuck between crevices in crooked teeth as much, therefore reducing the chances of tooth decay and cavities.

Zenyum has also recently launched ZenyumClear™ Plus, which caters to those with more serious misalignment problems.

Tooth extractions may be done and attachments on the aligners may be used to correct these more severe problems.

In any case, Zenyum conducts pre-assessments to determine whether you are suited for any of their products, and it is free of charge.

A fuss-free experience

Zenyum also prides itself on being a convenient experience for those interested in getting their teeth fixed.

Firstly, there are a lot less physical check-ins with the dentist as compared to if you were to opt for metal braces or other aligner brands.

This is because Zenyum provides you with the whole set of aligners you would require over your treatment period during the first fitting session.

Check-ins are done by uploading pictures of your teeth on Zenyum’s app for their in-house dentists to assess. This way, you would get a professional opinion on how your teeth are progressing, without having to make a trip down to the dentist each time.

If you are on the market to get your teeth straightened, ZenyumClear aligners start at S$2,400, while ZenyumClear Plus aligners start at S$3,300.

Take the first step towards straighter teeth by getting a pre-assessment done here.

This sponsored article by Zenyum makes this writer happy that she will never have to wear metal braces.

All photos by Jonathan Kee.