I spent a weekend at a serviced residence & questioned why I didn’t rent one after selling my BTO

What’s not to like?

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So I sold my BTO flat recently and I currently do not have a place to call home. Yet.

Before you frown, I must say that I totally get that this way of buying a new home is unconventional as most people try their utmost best to skip living in a rented place in the interim.

But long story short: I need the monies in cash and CPF before I can purchase the next home.

So here I am (with my missus and two kiddos in tow), renting a place for the time being.

While busy unpacking the boxes (some things are still in boxes), I received a more-than-welcome invitation to check out Village Residences Robertson Quay -- an upscale serviced residence located right next to the Singapore River.

Very cool. When do I check in?

Check in day

My first impression of the place once I reached the residence vicinity was: Wow, look at all the amenities around me.

And by amenities I mean a wide array of F&B options.

Anyway, back to the Village Residence Robertson Quay experience.

Check in was a breeze. The Guest Service Executive brought me to the apartment and I was taken aback by the number of rooms -- I was supposed to stay in a two bedder but there I was standing in a three bedder.

“Due to the non-availability of a 2-bedroom apartment, we’ve upgraded you to a 3-bedroom at no charge. We hope you enjoy your stay” the service staff said.

Nice. I could get used to such service.

Anyway, check out the view (and my hairy legs) from the balcony.

With a floor space of more than 1,000 sqft, the apartment has everything a family needs.

It’s a three bedder replete with a well-equipped kitchen, which is a godsend during a pandemic as one could easily whip up meals or do simple baking with the oven.

… and a storage area to keep your bulky luggage or other items.

I understand from the staff that all their apartments have well designed living spaces, conducive for short and extended stays. Also, a welcome basket is given to all new reservations (of course, I don’t expect this to be a daily thing but it’s a nice touch).

The tagline for the residences is: Eat, Play and Explore like a Local. And they promptly included this local fun fact on Nasi Lemak, which even as a local, I find fascinating and I can learn something new.

In terms of Play and Explore, we were enamoured with the colourful Alkaff Bridge that’s a short stroll away from the apartment.

Source: Wikipedia

And this Edible Garden Starter Kit. It is presented to all guests to experience growing your own herbs and spices, a wonderful pastime to keep one occupied.

Which the fledglings put to good use almost immediately.

The kit will definitely keep the kids entertained while I tried to keep my employee of the month crown. Judging from the space and furniture, the apartment is comfortable and provides a productive environment for me to work-from-home.

Settling in was easy because of the aircon, which I rarely switched on at my rented apartment during the day (gotta watch the bill!)

Just kidding.

It was the lovely apartment.

I spent the next few days exploring the facilities

One thing I noticed was this cute edible garden, where guests can take part in growing and harvesting their own vegetables, herbs and spices. A sustainability initiative to conserve natural resources and for guests to reconnect with nature.

When it’s time to harvest, the staff will carefully pick and cut the vegetables and pack them into ‘edible’ bouquets as presents to guests. These fresh vegetables and spices are perfect for cooking a meal or making a refreshing cocktail to drink after work.

Perfect for the kiddos to learn something about food while getting their hands dirty.

And of course, the usual suspects.

At night, we took a leisurely stroll along the river to Clarke Quay.

The best part? A very well-stocked gym.

All in all, it was a splendid experience, which really got me thinking: why didn’t I consider a serviced residence?

Not just for families with young children

As I was staring out admiring the view, I thought how nice it would be if I could retire here too.

You see, I wouldn’t need to maintain an aging asset or purchase a new property. This means that I will at least be cash-rich after cashing out on the last property.

Which makes a lot of sense since my wife and I will be old and ready to go, why bother to spend a bomb on a property again when I should be enjoying my golden years living in a well-maintained, fuss-free accommodation with exceptional service and surrounded by amenities.

Or even better, in the future, I can consider renting out my own apartment to stay in a serviced residence for passive income or purely for the convenience.

And staying in the heart of Orchard Road or other best districts of Singapore? I can finally check this item off my bucket list.

A good way to enjoy life.

What’s the cost?

That thought crept into my mind as I was packing our bags. But I assumed that it must be quite expensive to stay in a serviced residence.

The beauty of Far East Hospitality Serviced Residence is that there is a wide range of serviced residences to cater to different needs and budget range, starting from S$3,500 per month.

The 2-bed apartment in Village Residence Robertson Quay ranges from S$6,500 per month onwards. Of course, if you compare it to a two-bedder in say, Woodlands, it is on the high side. But location check: Robertson Quay is in town and the average monthly rental rate of a condo near the area is around the same price.

But that doesn’t include utilities, Wi-Fi and housekeeping.

At Village Residence Robertson Quay, one could enjoy air conditioning without worrying about the bills. Your stay is fuss-free as it even includes housekeeping services, free air conditioner servicing and other technical repair works.

No need to haggle with stingy landlords over who is responsible for replacing blown light bulbs as a Serviced Residence typically takes care of standard wear and tear within the apartment.

Wide selection at prime locations

There are a total of nine other Serviced Residences under Far East Hospitality, each catering to a different budget and requirements.

Serviced Residences

- Orchard Parksuites

- Regency House

- Village Residence Clarke Quay

- Village Residence Robertson Quay

- Village Residence Hougang

- Oasia Residence, Singapore

Residences with Services

- Orchard Scotts Residences

- Far East Plaza Residences

- Village Residence West Coast

Explore their different serviced residences here.

The only difference between serviced residences and residence with services is the duration of stay: the former requires a minimum stay of six nights while the latter requires a minimum stay of three months.

Unlike a typical rental agreement with private landlords, there is no need for lengthy paperwork such as tenancy agreement nor additional cash payment such as stamp duties and hefty deposits. A serviced residence is really a plug-and-play solution which is quite convenient with its flexible stay period and cost savings.

Those looking for accommodation because of home renovation works can consider staying at one of the serviced residences too as they are spacious, fully-furnished in choice locations, children and pet friendly, and ultimately, it’s a fuss-free experience.

Reno-cation package

As mentioned, if you are looking for temporary accommodation because of renovation works, you should consider staying at one of the serviced residences offered by Far East Hospitality.

From now till June 30, 2022, there’s a reno-cation package which includes:

Infographic by Far East Hospitality Serviced Residences.

Sweet. Book your next stay here.

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