ComfortDelGro waiving off 50% daily rental for cabbies from May 18 till June 13, 2021

This comes on top of other rebates and incentives.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | June 06, 2021, 10:59 AM

ComfortDelGro is providing a 50 per cent daily rental waiver to cabbies from May 18 till June 13, 2021.

This comes after announcements by the government that Singapore would be entering Phase 2 (heightened alert) from May 16 till June 13, 2021.

In Phase 2 (HA), several measures have been implemented such as a limit to the number of social gatherings and interactions, a ban on dining out and work-from-home as the default.

Since the new restrictions kicked in, earnings of cabbies have been affected, with customer demand expected to continue falling during this period of heightened alert.

This is why ComfortDelGro Taxi has decided to raise its daily rental waiver for cabbies to 50 per cent per taxi, which comes on top of:

  • The government’s Covid-19 Relief Fund (CDRF) of S$25 per day per taxi
  • Road Tax Rebate
  • Performance Incentives
  • Medisave Contributions
  • Daily Hybrid Rebate

According to Cabby Lee Yong Hock, “Taxis depend on passengers who need rides to go to work and to go out. With the latest measures, the demand for such trips has dropped.”

He added that “had the company not stepped in to help us with the 50 per cent rental waiver, I’d have to shoulder a higher rental. But the company reacted quickly enough, and the rental waiver has helped to relieve that burden by half."

Despite the current situation, Cabby Lee is hopeful that when the restrictions lift, more people will be needing taxis again.

“I understand that the company is already doing what it can. Cabbies and the company have to work hand in hand to overcome this,” he said.

Company bearing the costs for cabbies and customers

On top of this, ComfortDelGro will also not be increasing fares for customers.

As ComfortDelGro does not have any platform fees, the financial burden of these extra costs will be borne entirely by them - not by cabbies or customers.

Here are some other promotions ComfortDelGro Taxi customers can also enjoy at the moment:

  • Download the ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking app and sign up now for S$5* off your first street hail taxi ride
  • Zero admin fee when you pay for a street hail taxi with any credit/debit card in their booking app
  • Get S$2 + S$2 off when you pay for a street hail taxi with Mastercard

This sponsored article by ComfortDelGro Taxi made this writer appreciate the goodwill of companies during these tough times.

Top image via ComfortDelGro Taxi