GrabFood rider casually grabs S$8 potted plant from Yishun HDB corridor after checking no one was looking

While the family was out for dinner at the time, the incident was captured on CCTV.

Nigel Chua| February 08, 2021, 06:11 PM

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A GrabFood rider who spotted a potted plant while walking down a corridor was seen picking it up to examine it, before taking it and leaving.

The incident was captured on CCTV camera and shared with Mothership by a reader who wishes to be known as JC.

JC shared that this took place on Feb. 7 (Sunday) at around 7:20pm, in Yishun.

The rider, dressed in the green GrabFood uniform with a red and black helmet, was wheeling his e-bike down the corridor.

A row of potted plants appears to catch his attention, however, and he stops briefly before heading back toward the lift lobby.

Video by Mothership reader JC.

The rider soon returns — without his e-bike this time — to have a closer look at one of the plants, even picking it up for a better look.

Video by Mothership reader JC.

After examining the plant, the rider can be seen looking around, presumably to check if anyone had seen him.

He then sets the plant down and walks back to the lift lobby.

After some time, he returns to the corridor, walks right over to the plant, grabs it with one hand, turns, and leaves.

Video by Mothership reader JC.

The owner of the plants returned from dinner later that day, only to find one of their newly-bought plants missing.

The owner shared with Mothership that a photo of the plants had been taken just before the family left for dinner that day.

Photo by Mothership reader JC.

Mothership understands that the plant cost around S$8.

Grab support unresponsive

The owner then tried contacting Grab by calling their hotline, and was told to send an email.

However, the email address provided appeared to be no longer in use, as emails to the provided email address "bounced back two to three times".

The owner said:

"While the potted plant may not have cost much, this incident marks the dishonesty of Grab's employees. My family and I hope that Grab will look into this matter, and have the employee return the potted plant to us."

In response to queries from Mothership, a Grab spokesperson said that the company was aware of the matter, and was investigating.

"Grab does not condone such behaviour and will ban delivery-partners who are found guilty," the spokesperson added.

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Top image via video by Mothership reader JC