I'm a millennial who owns 12 credit & debit cards so I can save more money while I spend. Here’s how.

How else could a fresh grad afford fancy-schmancy experiences?

| Pek Yi Tsing | Sponsored | November 11, 2020, 06:58 PM

Saving money and chasing reward points are two of my life’s greatest passions. (Boss, if you’re reading this, I promise you my job holds a close third place.)

Like most Singaporeans, I love a good deal. The thrill of spending less for more keeps me on the edge, even if it’s just 10 cents.

Which is exactly why I signed up for two credit cards a day after meeting the minimum gross annual income.

Let me explain.

There's a widespread misconception that owning more credit cards encourages one to spend more, and I see where it stems from.

The first month I received the shiny card I’ve been yearning for, I indeed spent more than I needed to. I was so used to the idea of checking my bank balance to monitor my spending, I forgot that with a credit card, I was spending on credit.

From then on, I cultivated the habit of spending only if it’s a necessity or when there’s a good deal, no matter my bank balance or credit limit.

But… How does having multiple cards save you money?

I’m glad you asked.

I’m using air miles credit cards. This means every time I spend on something, I’m essentially accumulating credit card points that can be exchanged for miles, which translates to free air tickets. FREE.

miles credit card Photo by Pek Yi Tsing.

With miles, instead of paying $5,000 for a round-trip business class flight to Europe, I would only need to pay around $150 for points conversion and airport taxes.

How many Singaporeans in their early-twenties can say they’ve been on a business class flight?

Although non-essential travel has been halted due to Covid-19, credit card points either have a considerably long expiration date or do not expire, making this the best time to chalk up some miles while enjoying some domestic travel.

On top of that, credit cards usually partner other merchants to offer promotions to new or existing cardholders.

Some of the best deals I scored the past few years by simply owning or signing up for the eligible cards are:

  • Free AirPods Pro
  • Free Samsonite luggage
  • $1 Xiaomi earphones
  • $25 staycation at a 4-star hotel
  • 1-for-1 at various restaurants

staycation discount Said staycation. Photo by Pek Yi Tsing.

Keep in mind that for every dollar I spend, I’m one step closer to redeeming another business class ticket — for only $150, in case you need a reminder.

Money not spent is money saved.

You have so many cards. How do you keep track of all the promotions?

Good question. I used to have a primitive spreadsheet recording credit card points and promotions.

miles calculation credit card Screenshot via Pek Yi Tsing.

But well, I’m neither meticulous nor neat. And I hardly update this spreadsheet.

As you can tell, the last two credit card columns are still blank, and I entirely gave up on tracking special promotions — which means I’m possibly missing out on some awesome deals.

One day my colleague nudged me (from a safe distance), “Eh, you have a lot of card hor? You write this CardsPal article lah.”

I would usually groan at this thinly veiled excuse to taiji work, but I do love my cards and promotions.

So here I am.

A secretary in your pocket

CardsPal is your best pal if you have multitudinous cards and zero organisational skills.

All you need to do is add the cards you own (no card number required), and CardsPal will automatically sort out the card promotions you’re eligible for in all their categorised deals section.

Deals for debit cards, PAssion Card, NTUC cards, GrabPay, YouTrip, TransferWise and more are included as well.

CardsPal how to use The little icons located between the top banners and ‘Near You’ section leads you to categorised deals.

Save money without the hassle of sifting through deals myself? Sounds like a plan!

The categorised deals allow you to sort the promotions by your interests:

  • Online
  • Travel
  • Dining
  • Lifestyle
  • Leisure
  • Retail
  • Transport
  • Wellness

For example, by selecting travel, CardsPal introduces me to a vast array of staycation and attractions deals near me.

CardsPal review

Perfect for your SingapoRediscovers adventure if you’re planning to clear your annual leave soon.

I find the location picker particularly useful when I’m out with a group of friends and need to cook up some impromptu activities.

You can also choose to discover all deals instead of only the deals you’re eligible for if you don’t mind applying for new cards. This is especially useful if you’re new to credit cards and only have a couple of cards.

Once you save a deal, it’ll appear under “My Deals” tab along with all its terms and conditions — a quick and easy way to bookmark attractive promotions.

cardspal promo Free is my favourite word in the dictionary.

CardsPal is currently working to expand its coverage to include more deals, so debit card and lifestyle cardholders can benefit from the app as well.

For beginners new to the world of credit/debit cards who need some guidance, CardsPal has a comparison function that allows you to weigh up to two cards.

Fancy a card and wish to apply for it immediately? Card application can be done through the CardsPal app too.

No more trawling through the internet and scouring forums for more information. Score.

To sign up for an account on CardsPal, you just need to key in your mobile number and email address. No personal details or credit card number required.

You can download CardsPal for free on Apple App Store or Google Play here.

From now until Dec. 1, enjoy a free cup of artisanal coffee from Oriole Coffee + Bar when you:

  1. Download CardsPal
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Add a Mastercard to your cards list
  4. Refer at least two friends to sign up

There are limited coffees available for redemption, so the early bird gets the worm! You can find the full list of terms and conditions in the CardsPal app.

If you are a consumer-facing merchant and would like to feature your business deals on CardsPal, you can sign up for CardsPal for Business here.

Top images via Pek Yi Tsing.

The writer of this article sponsored by CardsPal loves sharing money-saving tips.