I thought saving money in S'pore would be easy but I keep spending on dumb millennial things

If spending can be frictionless, so can giving.

Julia Yeo | Sponsored | December 02, 2019, 07:56 PM

I dislike millennial stereotypes very much, but I'm rather guilty of indulging in the "little things" that people my age are known to love.

Bubble tea, Grabbing everywhere, online shopping, our daily lives have become a part of these activities, because clearly it is vice versa, but that's not admitting enough to how much money gets spent on some of these things.

With increasingly convenient ways to pay, like making cashless transactions with a single fingerprint scan, spending money has never been this frictionless.

Managing my expenses

Adulting is a major part of managing one's own salary, so it definitely cannot be an easy task.

To be honest, I didn't do a very good job at adulting, I mean, managing my first paycheck, and ended up going a bit out of hand.

My Google Play Store receipts (Yes, I spent over S$50 on a mobile game in 5 minutes. Don't judge. Photo via Julia Yeo)

When I look back at my past purchases in my bank transactions, I hang my head in shame knowing how much I had spent on unnecessary things.

Over the course of a few months, I probably spent over S$100 just on games alone.

In another month, I had spent more than S$200 on car-hire services.

If it provided any comfort to me, I learnt that I wasn't alone being a spendthrift.

Birds of a feather, flock together. Photo via Julia Yeo)

If anything, looking at my bank records made it only easier for me to know where to start saving from.

Spending money in more meaningful ways

While learning to manage my monthly expenses, I've also started looking for ways to give back as a contributing member of society.

But how much can I give, to help the vulnerable, or even make a difference?

I’m no millionaire, I’m just a fresh graduate who started working not long ago.

However, that's where I learnt that I was wrong.

The price of two bubble teas, or the cost of one Grab ride -- S$10 -- can help a child stay in school, by covering his school fees and textbooks.

S$10 goes a long way in covering books and school fees for disadvantaged children and helps them stay in school.

Honestly, learning that my in-game purchases on a single occasion could help pay for five children's school fees, was pretty humbling.

S$100 covers skills and training costs so that those with intellectual disabilities can lead independent lives.

If I consciously knew that my frivolous expenses this month could change a life, maybe I'd have spent it differently.

Because my regrets this month will spur me to change the way I spend my money in future.

Even if it's just a little thing, maybe one day I'd look back and realise the difference it made wasn't that small after all.

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