Single parents in S’pore can get 50% off multi-generational insurance plan

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| Sponsored | November 12, 2019, 01:00 PM

It’s not easy being a parent: they need to ensure the kids’ needs are met while juggling work and taking care of their aging parents.

These group of parents, ladies and gentlemen, are part of the growing sandwich generation.

What is the sandwich generation?

It is the generation of people who are responsible for both their children as well as their ageing parents.

Here’s a good primer:


Now, double that headache and you get what single parents are dealing with.

With two generations depending on just one person, the burden is real. And if something untoward happens to the dependents, it will be even tougher for the single parent.

As a show of support for single parents, Great Eastern is now offering a 50 per cent discount off first year premiums to the first 111 single parents who sign-up for their multi-generational insurance plan, GREAT Family Care, and its attaching riders.

What is a multi-generational insurance plan?

As the name suggests, this type of insurance plan concerns a few generations: namely those in the sandwich generation, their parents and their kids.

The GREAT Family Care plan is exactly that.

How it works

Said to be the first of its kind, the GREAT Family Care multi-generational critical illness term insurance plan provides coverage across three generations:

  • Protects against 53 critical illnesses, death, total and permanent disability and terminal illness for you.
  • Free protection against 53 critical illnesses and 25 juvenile conditions for the children, including future children, up to 18 years old.
  • Enhance coverage by adding the Parent Protect rider for your parents -- insuring them up to 100 years old against 3 critical illnesses with no medical assessment required.

The promotion

Great Eastern is offering a one-time 50% discount* on the first year premium for any purchase of GREAT Family Care and its attaching rider(s), capped to a maximum amount of S$1,000, for the first 111 single parents.

The promotion is valid from Nov. 11, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2019, and policies must be in force by Jan. 31, 2020.

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Terms and Conditions apply*. Protected up to specified limits by SDIC. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. All ages specified refer to age next birthday. 

This sponsored post by Great Eastern was written by a parent.