AirAsia invites stressed S’poreans to indulge in some quickies every now and then

Gone in 60 seconds.

Tan Xing Qi | March 04, 2019, 06:57 PM

In a bid to make Singaporeans sane again, low-cost carrier AirAsia wants Singaporeans, of the pent-up, repressed, stressed variants, to engage in more quickies.

Holiday quickies to be exact; the frequent, reinvigorating variant.

While this does not include any physical interaction or any exchange of bodily fluids, it pertains orgasmic flight discounts that all wanderlusting people can enjoy.

It offers the lowest fares possible with flight times ranging from just 55 minutes to 4 hours.

Happy ending guaranteed.

Quickies galore

And there are different variants of quickies (let’s not be hardened by one position, shall we?)

Want a beach quickie? Try Phuket.

Phuket, for all its picturesque beaches, is also known for being an all-round destination.

Other than the obvious romantic strolls while whispering sweet nothings on the beach, the island offers thrilling adventures such as ATV tours and parasailing. Nature lovers will enjoy the trek to the Phuket Big Buddha. For nightlife addicts, there’s always the infamous Bangla Road.

Stuff your face kinda quickie? There’s Penang.

Photo by Poh Wei Chuen

Now, Penang is really chock-full of food, perfect for foodies and foodporn lovers. Instagram boyfriends rejoice! Assam laksa, chendol, nasi kandar and more are waiting for you and your mouth.

Of course, the mandatory wall murals await for some post-food and pre-coital workout.

Shop till your pants drop kinda quickie? Welcome to Bangkok.

Photo from Artbox Thailand

What else can be said of Bangkok -- the city that caters for everybody with its cheap massages, crazy shopping, clandestine nightlife, charming cafes, chaotic markets and cute locally-produced art?

You probably know Bangkok better than us.

Sometimes you don’t need to go the distance for some pleasure. Multiple quickies should suffice. AirAsia’s Holiday Quickie allows anyone to jet off for a quickie at 17 direct destinations including Chiang Rai, Kota Kinabalu, Bali and many more, from Singapore.

Check out the video (don’t worry it’s totally SFW)

Can’t wait any longer? Book your next quickie now.

This sponsored article by AirAsia makes this writer crave quickies.