This is the greatest kopitiam fight you'll see in 2018 & it's only March

Nobody was watching the kopitiam TV which was showing Channel 8.

Jonathan Lim| March 31, 10:19 PM

Drama? Check.

Glass breaking? Check.

Woman diving better than Cristiano Ronaldo? Check.

In a video uploaded by Facebook user Andy Tang with the simple caption "Hougang blk 684", you see a woman getting all in the face of a man in a black tshirt.

She taunts him and says "This Singaporean. Come hit me." He shouts back "I won't hit a woman!"

And suddenly it looks like she's helping him take his shirt off. He proceeds to smacks her on the face, but she stands there resolutely, pointing at him, as if she has achieved the moral victory of having successfully taunted him into hitting her.

Dramatic flare from the street lamp. JJ Abrams would be proud.

It takes her another five seconds before she realises it may be a better move to roll on the floor three metres away to show that she's really hurt.

Her friend avenges her by attempting to smash a glass on the man's head.

She fails, the glass falls to the ground and shatters next to the lady on the floor.

She must've failed her WWE fighting with props module.

Lady on the floor decides this is the opportune time to check her mobile.

Shirtless man decides the best path to peace is to stick his forehead firmly to the table. The fight ends.

Here's the full video:

What a night.