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Contributors - Team Mothership

  • Belmont Lay

    Belmont wrote about friskiness in his Yahoo! News column, mishandles the 3rd most overrated website in Singapore and can pronounce “tchotchke”.

  • Jonathan Lim

    Jon is usually at home watching random videos YouTube recommends him. He hopes to strike Toto so he can live off rental income and watch more YouTube videos.

  • Lien We King

    We King’s dream job is to be a supermarket assistant at the frozen food section. He also wishes to be an animal keeper in the elephant’s enclosure at any wildlife reserve that would hire him. He aspires to travel to the Galapagos Islands before he grows old.

  • Martino Tan

    Martino’s parents named him after an Italian priest, Vatican’s 1st ambassador to S’pore. He’s inspired by the lives of Robert Kennedy & D. Bonhoeffer, the words of G.Orwell & T.Sorensen, & the music of the Beatles.

  • Tan Xing Qi

    In between episodes of Breaking Bad and The Sopranos, Xing Qi deals T-Shirts to unsuspecting Singaporeans through a roadside stall, which, ironically, is not a physical stall.

  • He Ruiming

    Ruiming has lived in Singapore, Melbourne and Hongkong. When he’s not being snarky on Mothership or waddling waist-deep in deadlines, he finds time for life’s simple pleasures: Teh-O PengLao Gan Ma chilli oil and HBO’s award-winning TV series Game Of Thrones.

  • Jeanette Tan

    Jeanette takes pride in her ability to sing the complete lyrics to Hakuna Matata and a host of other Disney songs. She holds out hope to someday be talent-spotted to do voice-overs for documentaries, lifts and automated telephone answering systems.

  • Nyi Nyi Thet

    Thet has a chronic fear of teenage girls laughing at him. He sometimes puts on a cap in his room and yells “Gryffindor”.

  • Daniel Ho

    Daniel Ho is in the business of bringing people together to pursue the unimaginable. He dreams of one day living on a farm, surrounded only by limitless plains and free-roaming livestock. For now, he can only wonder what freak of nature caused him to land up here at the Mothership.

  • Gerald Chan

    Caught between the love of LEGO, video and board games, Gerald plots to make every video viral daily but to no avail.

  • Joshua Lee

    Josh often finds himself contemplating the perfect YTF combi. When he is not being an annoying Instagrammer, he plays music, and re-watches Friends.

  • Henedick Chng

    Henedick loves food. He is always hungry. In between his eating binges, he cooks and is just another food blogger who anyhow shares his recipes and dining adventures with the world.

  • Chan Cheow Pong

    It took Cheow Pong two decades to recover from the trauma of memorising General Paper essays before he was ready to be an English writer. In between affliction and recovery, he thoroughly enjoyed his time writing in Chinese and doing Chinese translations. He is a recovering mobile phone addict.

  • Mandy How

    Mandy is a pantry rat. She eats everything in the pantry.

  • Olivia Lin

    Olivia likes to spook herself out by reading short horror stories and delving into the world of the unknown. She’s also worried that by stating this on an online platform, internet-savvy ghosts might take notice and haunt her at night.

  • Tanya Ong

    Tanya is a keen bean who strives to put the “art” in “articulate”. She also knows pi to the 35th decimal place for absolutely no reason at all.

  • Tan Guan Zhen

    Guan Zhen is a serial doodler with multiple pens with her wherever she goes. She loves listening to Visual Kei bands, Jamiroquai and random songs from the future-funk genre.

  • Yeo Tsiuwen

    Tsiuwen is a TV addict who can sit through almost any kind of show. When she’s not bingeing on Japanese dramas or historical films, she’s usually reading something or planning her next trip abroad.

  • Zheng Zhangxin

    Zhangxin’s favourite pastime is singing Mulan’s soundtrack in the mangrove forests. She hopes to perfect the art of napping in a hammock in the mangroves without being drowned by rising sea levels.

  • Alfred Yeo

    An aerospace buff with a penchant for adventure, Alfred’s best trip was travelling overland to London from AMK in 2009. His favourite indulgence is Japanese whiskey.

  • Eisabess Chee

    Eisabess is a millennial who enjoys waxing lyrical about life. She doesn’t know where her name comes from.

  • George Yeo

    George Yeo loves running, eating hawker food and reading.  He enjoys interacting with young people and is energized by their imagination and can-do spirit. He has been learning Taiji for the last 5 years and takes it very seriously.

  • Goh Wei Hao

    When he was young, Wei Hao’s mother said he could be anything. So he told her, he wanted to be Batman. Then he got slapped, so he decided to be a writer instead.

  • Grace Yeoh

    Grace always strives to keep it real. She also gets restless when she’s not constantly learning or gathering experiences.

  • Jacqueline Wong

    Jac spends most of her free time wondering what she is doing with her life. Apart from finding a cure for cancer, achieving world peace, and saving the universe with her superpowers of course. Oh and shopping.

  • Lim Weixiang

    Lim Weixiang taught General Paper in a Junior College for 5 years before moving on to see if he could make a living from taking photographs. He is best known for his series of photos taken along  Singapore’s  194km of coastline.

  • Matthias Ang

    Matthias is that annoying guy whose laughter always overshadows the joke. Also, when not writing, he spends his time researching for trips to exotic locations which he’ll never be able to go because his English Literature major means his future housing will be no better than a cardboard box at the void deck.

  • Medha Lim

    Medha’s name has a silent ‘h’ but everyone seems to automatically assume there’s a silent ‘d’. She loves travelling, photography and watching local theatre.

  • Michael Y.P. Ang

    Michael has an addiction. He travels to Europe to watch his favourite football team whenever he feels the need to do so. Go to his facebook for his insights on sports in S’pore. Sometimes he’s driven to write about sociopolitical issues.

  • Neil Humphreys

    Neil Humphreys is Singapore’s best-selling author. His five books on Singapore are among the most popular titles in the past decade. Humphreys also writes extensively for newspapers & magazines in S’pore, Malaysia, Australia and the UK. His new novel Marina Bay Sins will be released here very soon. He can occasionally be found on Twitter.

  • Ng Yi Shu

    Ng Yi Shu, a cat person, has an obsession with the cartoon Adventure Time and Singaporean socio-politics. He intends to pursue a mastery of nerdiness.

  • Sharmaine Chan

    Sharmaine is a part-time law student and a full time gastronomist. When she’s not getting her head swarmed by law notes she’s got her head in the clouds and dreaming of the day she finally gets her two corgi’s

  • Shermaine Wong

    Shermaine is obsessed with all things Singapore – from local history, to hoarding VCDs/ DVDs of local movies and eating hawker food. She also finds joy in reading Wikipedia for hours, geeking out over Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and dreams of visiting every beach resort in the world.

  • Uday Duggal

    Uday frequently makes people chuckle. A certain percentage of the time, that was his intention. He really enjoys reading, pretending to act, writing, and trying things he hasn’t tried before.

  • Wong Yang

    When Wong Yang isn’t writing or watching and playing sports, he’s trapped in school. He used to write for The Straits Times IN, Vox Sports (which has since shut down) and his own pitiful football site. He has trouble writing in third person.


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