Footage shows motorcycle skidding while riding downslope into Funan basement car park

Slippery when wet.

Belmont Lay | May 15, 2024, 06:24 PM



Footage has emerged showing a motorcycle slipping and crashing while riding downslope into the basement car park at Funan.

The video, shot from the motorcyclist's perspective, was shared on social media on May 14, on the day of the incident, which also saw multiple cars crashing into a wall at the same spot due to wet weather conditions.

What footage showed

The footage showed the motorcyclist riding down into the basement car park only to slip and fall at the bend turning right.

The motorcycle appeared to have applied the brakes as there was a stationary white vehicle ahead of him.

The vehicle had apparently hit the wall earlier while going downslope and did not proceed forward.

Photo via SG Kaypoh 人 on Facebook.

The ground appeared to have been wet.

Accounts by motorists

According to an earlier report, at least 10 vehicles had crashed into the wall between 6pm and 7pm on May 14, which saw heavy rainfall throughout the island from about 5pm.

One driver who crashed told Shin Min Daily News: "It was more than an hour after the incident happened that the mall management sent someone. They asked us to report to the insurance company to claim compensation, but the car owners want an explanation, and some of them called the police.”

The driver said he was in the third or fourth car involved, and other vehicles behind him suffered the same fate.

Photo via SG Kaypoh 人! on Facebook.

Photo via SG Kaypoh 人! on Facebook.

Photo via SG Kaypoh 人! on Facebook.

In response to media queries, a Funan spokesperson said the affected areas and the car park entrance at North Bridge Road were immediately cordoned off as a safety precaution when alerted about what had happened.

The spokesperson also said the mall is investigating the cause of the incident and providing necessary assistance to the affected drivers.

The car park entrance at North Bridge Road will remain temporarily closed, while the other car park entrance at Hill Street remains accessible.

Top photo via SG Road Vigilante