Mandai Rainforest Resort to open in 1st half of 2025, has 338 rooms & will overlook Upper Seletar Reservoir

Adjacent to the Mandai Rainforest Resort will also be a range of immersive indoor nature experiences.

Tharun Suresh | May 09, 2024, 07:08 PM



A slew of new experiences inspired by wildlife and nature await visitors to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve in the coming years.

Mandai Rainforest Resort will be opening next year, Mandai Wildlife Group announced on May 9.

The remaining wildlife park at Mandai Wildlife Reserve that has yet to open, called Rainforest Wild, will be opening soon as well, along with a range of nature-based edutainment activities.

The map below gives a teaser of what to expect at Mandai Wildlife Reserve:

mandaimap Image from Mandai Wildlife Group.

Later in 2024, a freely accessible 3.3km-long boardwalk, offering views of Upper Seletar Reservoir, will also be open to the public:

mandaiboardwalk Photo from Mandai Wildlife Group.

The boardwalk will skirt the perimeter of River Wonders and Singapore Zoo.

“While we continue to focus on expanding our positive impact in the fields of nature conservation, animal wildlife and zoological research, we are excited by the prospect of immersing our guests in a wide array of nature and wildlife experiences at the fully opened Mandai Wildlife Reserve”, said Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Wildlife Group.

Mandai Rainforest Resort

The new Mandai Rainforest Resort by Banyan Tree is set to open in the first half of 2025.

It will be situated in the eastern part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, overlooking the Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Sitting on a 4.6ha site, the 338-room and four-storey resort, with both standard and family rooms, is replete with a gym, a rooftop swimming pool, ballroom and meeting rooms, and spa experiences.

The resort is also integrated with its natural surroundings. Mandai Wildlife Group said that "biophilia deeply influences the resort’s architecture and is infused in all programmes, signature amenities and service."

The resort will also feature 24 elevated seed pod-shaped treehouses with views of the verdant canopy in the reserve and the reservoir:

seedpodtreehouse Photo from Mandai Wildlife Group.

The resort is also set to feature all-day dining as well as a speciality restaurant where "sustainably sourced ingredients take centre stage". 

The Mandai Rainforest Resort is also set to debut as the first-ever Super Low Energy (SLE) resort in the country.

SLE buildings feature "best-in-class energy efficiency, the use of onsite and offsite renewable energy and other intelligent energy management strategies".

Rainforest Wild

Mandai Wildlife Group also announced that Rainforest Wild would welcome visitors "soon", but an opening date was not been specified.

The park is modelled after rainforests in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Sprawling 12.6ha, Rainforest Wild Asia will be the first zoological park in Asia to integrate adventure elements into its design, Mandai Wildlife Group said. 

Visitors will get to see animals like the Malayan tiger, Malayan sun bear, and the François’ langur. This would also be the first time the François’ langur is on exhibit in Singapore.

Visitors can also explore forest treks on rainforest trails, as well as "climbing, jumping and abseiling around the park in safety harnesses".

Inspired by the Mulu Caves in Sarawak, there will also be a 220m cavern, featuring massive rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

Mandai Wildlife Group says that the cavern will be inhabited by cave racer snakes, scorpions, hissing cockroaches, and a variety of other reptiles and invertebrates: 

caverainforest Image from Mandai Wildlife Group.

Over at Rainforest Wild Africa guests can view the Pygmy hippo and elusive Okapi, a species that will also be making its debut in Singapore.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy the park through "immersive aerial adventures".

Indoor nature activities

Adjacent to the Mandai Rainforest Resort will be two buildings dedicated to a range of immersive indoor nature experiences.

These experiences are scheduled to open progressively in the coming years.

Digital expeditions and collaborative events space

In the first building, visitors can check out Exploria, where they will undertake "digital expeditions" to explore a wide variety of "hyper-natural environments". 

"From a wonder-library of microorganisms to a simulation of extreme frontiers on Earth, visitors are set to encounter the planet’s most resilient and fascinating species virtually", Mandai Wildlife Group said. 

In the same building will be Green Canvas, a 2,800sqm collaborative event space, including an auditorium and meeting rooms.

This is where travelling exhibitions, nature-themed lifestyle events and talks will be hosted covering nature and wildlife conservation topics. 

Edutainment spaces

In the adjacent building, visitors can find Mandai Gallery, Curiosity Cove, and ZooSchool.

Mandai Gallery is a free-access permanent exhibition showcasing the history and heritage of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Curiosity Cove is an indoor nature setting for young children. It features a series of "multi-media-enriched sensory adventures" that allow children to explore natural spaces safely:

curiositycove Image from Mandai Wildlife Group.

Lastly, ZooSchool will introduce children to nature-based outdoor adventure programmes, with a tailored curriculum blending outdoor and wildlife education. 

Top image from Mandai Wildlife Group.