Athletes to sleep cardboard beds at Paris Olympics 2024, more for environmental than anti-sex reasons

Likely for sustainability, not chastity.

Julia Yee | May 15, 2024, 05:07 PM



The over 10,000 athletes who are gearing up for the Paris Olympics 2024 can expect to sleep on cardboard beds that look like this:

Gif via @apnews/TikTok

These are similar to the beds used at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Said beds made the rounds on the internet due to rumours of their size and material being specifically chosen to discourage sexual intercourse.

For the environment

Although it might be a less spicy explanation, the beds are more likely designed with sustainability in mind.

The mattresses and frames are 100 per cent recyclable, as a way to make the Olympic Games more environmentally-friendly.

Forbes debunked the myth that the beds were made to collapse under the weight of "intimacy", reporting that the structures were supposedly sturdier than wood.

This theory was also discredited by athletes in the Tokyo Olympics, who performed acts of physicality on the beds, which seemed to hold up pretty well.

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Like the ones featured in Japan, the beds provided at the upcoming Paris Olympics are manufactured by the Japanese bedding company Airweave.

While these beds are lightweight enough to allow for flexible interior design, they are also durable enough to support a substantial amount of weight.

The beds at the Tokyo Games could support up to 200kg.

According to 9NEWS, the Paris Olympics beds will be able to handle even more weight than that.

Gif via @caffarof/TikTok

Athletes' body measurements will reportedly be scanned upon entrance into the Olympic Village, enabling them to adjust the beds to best fit their height, weight, and sport.

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Top images via @caffarof, @ilonamaher and @thelibero on TikTok