Ong Ye Kung congratulates Lawrence Wong ahead of swearing-in, says new PM 'deserves our full support'

He said that both of them have "gone through some very tough times together during the Covid-19 crisis."

Seri Mazliana | May 15, 2024, 06:20 PM



Minister for Health, Ong Ye Kung, took to social media on May 15 to congratulate the incoming prime minister, Lawrence Wong, ahead of his swearing-in ceremony tonight (May 15).

Ong said on Facebook and Instagram: "It is a heavy responsibility that he has taken up which deserves our full support, in serving and continuing the uniqueness of the Singapore story."

"Uniqueness of Singapore politics"

"Today, we will witness only the third leadership handover in our nation’s history, as DPM Lawrence Wong takes over as PM," he wrote.

Ong reflected on the "uniqueness of Singapore politics, where there is stability of the political system, consistency in public policy, and resolve in upholding fundamentals and values."

He added that this system "best serves Singapore and Singaporeans", and enables the country to progress in line with contemporary changes.

He said that such a system is possible in Singapore due to the nation being small, urban and multiracial "with a strong sense of unity and common destiny amongst our people".

"Each generation of leaders has a duty to do our best to ensure that this legacy continues. It is the ultimate success factor for Singapore."

Friends and colleagues for over 20 years

Ong said that both of them have friends and colleagues for over two decades, serving as Principal Private Secretaries (PPSes) at some points in their careers and "gone through some very tough times together during the Covid-19 crisis."

Both Ong and Wong served as PPS to PM Lee Hsien Loong. Wong took over Ong as PPS in 2005.

Ong conveyed his congratulations to Wong on assuming the leadership of Singapore.

Top photo via Lawrence Wong/Facebook