People seen cooking instant noodles using naked flame metres away from Genting petrol station in M'sia


Belmont Lay | May 15, 2024, 08:01 PM



A group of people were seen cooking instant noodles over a gas stove with an exposed naked flame, mere metres from a petrol station in Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

Their actions were slammed as "stupid", "dangerous" and "suicidal", as they were deemed a threat to themselves and the rest of the public.

A video of the group's antics showed them cooking the instant noodles with an assortment of other ingredients they brought along with them.

They appeared to have been picnicking.

Comments in response to their actions included, "Their level of stupidity is beyond discussion."

Petrol stations typically put up signs warning against smoking and even the use of mobile phones.

Inconvenienced others

The footage also showed several Honda Jazz cars parked at petrol station, which presumably belonged to the group.

The presence of the cars parked haphazardly also attracted criticism as they could have inconvenienced other motorists.

Another commenter wrote: “If it explodes... God forbid. God gave you a brain, so use it, folks. You are causing a traffic jam for people who want to fill up their petrol, and you’re also endangering lives. You might not care about your own life, but think about others for once.”

In the video, a police siren could be heard in the background, which some assumed was from police vehicles making their way to the site.

This incident was not the first, as there were similar reports of people picnicking and camping near the same petrol station, other Malaysia media reported.

Top photo via @localrkyt/x