Chen Xiuhuan's mum gets handwritten letter from PM Lee after failing to pass him pumpkin cake she made

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Lee Wei Lin | May 15, 2024, 06:21 PM



Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong wrote a letter to Singapore actress Chen Xiuhuan's mother after the latter misunderstood that she would be able to meet PM Lee.

The misunderstanding

In a May 10 post, Chen shared that her mother called to say that she was going to meet PM Lee at AMK Hub and that she would have a conversation with him.

Chen wrote:

"Mum said she was very happy, but also nervous at the same time. She asked if I could accompany her to meet the Prime Minister.

She wanted to thank him for the help he had given her. She also said that she made a pumpkin cake last night as her gift of gratitude."

Photo from Chen Xiuhuan's Instagram

It was only after arriving at AMK Hub that the pair realised that the Residents' Committee (RC) wanted to interview Chen's mum about PM Lee handing over the reins.

The actress said:

"Sigh, Mummy is getting on in years and might have misunderstood what the RC people had said. It turned out that the PM would not be there and my mother would not be able to meet the PM face to face.

Understandably she was a little disappointed. She told the person-in-charge that she had expected to see Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself and that she wanted to thank him and present him with the pumpkin cake she made the night before."

Silver lining

While Chen's mother ultimately didn't get to meet PM Lee, he wrote a letter to the elderly woman instead.

In a May 15 update, Chen shared that she received a postcard in the mail on May 14.

She explained that she received a text from PM Lee's press secretary, saying he had read reports of what happened and asked for her mother's full name.

The handwritten letter wrote:

"I found out from media reports that you made a large pumpkin cake for me. Thank you for the token of your regards.

Being able to serve Singapore was my responsibility and honour. I wish you good health, and that everything goes well for you."

Chen shared that her mum pinched herself to check that she wasn't dreaming, as she didn't think that PM Lee would take time to write to an ordinary Singaporean.

Photo from Chen Xiuhuan's Instagram

She ended her post with:

"Prime Minister Lee, thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule to write this card to my mother. Thank you for your leadership and contribution to Singapore and your diligence and love for the people.

Here’s to a future filled with good health and wishing you the very best."

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