How this S’porean man is flying to Brussels in business class without maxing out his miles or spending any money

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| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | June 04, 2024, 04:59 PM

I’m a Singaporean who has never flown business class before.

While I’d definitely like to experience taking a business class flight to some fancy, exotic country, my credit card mileage and bank account say otherwise.

That was why I was more than intrigued when I got the chance to interview a Singaporean who will be flying to Brussels on business class in August this year - without maxing out his miles or spending any money.

Here’s how Felix Tan, 45, did this.

Took part in Great Changi Appscapade

Sometime back in January 2024, Tan received a monthly e-mailer where he chanced upon an advertisement on The Great Changi Appscapade, a monthly draw for travellers by Changi Airport Group.

He found out that users of the Changi App could enter the draw and stand a chance to win four business class air tickets.

There were only two steps required of Tan – to save his departing flight at least 24 hours before his departure and validate his boarding pass on the Changi App.

As Tan was flying to Chiang Mai in that month and the steps to enter the monthly draw were pretty simple, he decided to take part in it.

And it was a good thing that he did, because he eventually won the tickets:

“I was shocked when I saw the email notifying me of my prize in the morning and had to verify that it was not a scam as I only had one draw chance.”

Talk about luck.

This will be Tan’s first time travelling business class to Brussels with his parents and his mother’s friend.

What Tan is most excited about is experiencing the difference between economy and business class.

But I’ll spare you the details as I’m certain most of us are well aware of them.

Tan is extremely thankful to Changi Airport Group for organising such an interesting giveaway to give people a chance to fly business class.

He also has the following words for those who may be sceptical of taking part in the monthly draw:

“You’ll never get a chance to win if you don’t try your luck, so don’t think so much and just participate in it.”

Win 4 business class tickets to Cape Town

The Great Changi Appscapade will be ongoing until the end of October this year.

Destinations change on a monthly basis, with upcoming locations like Vancouver via Air Canada, as well as other exotic places like Cape Town and Morocco.

To take part in the grand draw, all you have to do is:

  1. Save your departing flight in the months of May to October through this webform, at least 24 hours in advance before your flight

    Image via CAG.
  2. Validate your boarding pass on the Changi App on the day of departure

    Image via CAG.

Besides this, there are plenty of travel features on the Changi App that aim to provide users with greater travel convenience.

These include flight alerts, currency exchange, baggage tracker, duty-free shopping, etc.

If your interest is piqued, simply participate here to stand a chance to win four business class air tickets.

This sponsored article by Changi Airport Group made this writer wish she could fly business class to Brussels, too.

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