In world 1st, cultivated chicken can be bought off the shelf in S’pore at Huber's Butchery

You can now cook cultivated meat at home the way you want it. 

Yap Yee Hui | May 17, 2024, 04:30 PM



From May 16, 2024, shoppers in Singapore can purchase cultivated chicken by GOOD Meat off the shelves.

This is the first time in the world GOOD Meat is retailing cultivated meat.

GOOD Meat 3, their latest product, will be available in the freezer section of Huber's Butchery for the remainder of 2024, going for S$7.20 for a 120g package.

"Strong demand": GOOD Meat

Singapore was the first country in the world to approve the sale of cultivated, or lab-grown, chicken meat in 2020.

Since then, GOOD Meat cultivated chicken dishes have been served at F&B establishments such as 1880, Huber's Butchery and Bistro, as well as hawker stalls.

According to a GOOD Meat press release, GOOD Meat 3 was developed "to meet strong consumer demand for cultivated meat in Singapore".

A consumer study of 107 diners conducted at Huber's showed that diners "expressed a strong willingness to eat [cultivated meat] again", and were more likely to recommend it to friends or family after trying it.

Lower cost formulation

GOOD Meat 3, a new and lower cost formulation, was launched in line with Huber's Butchery's grand re-opening in Singapore.

The product uses a smaller percentage of cultivated chicken, three per cent, in combination with plant proteins.

This helps reduce the production costs of the cultivated meat, something which GOOD Meat cites as one of the main challenges in this industry.

"People will have the opportunity to prepare the product the way they want and experience how it can fit into their home cooked meals," Andre Huber, Executive Director of Huber's Pte Ltd, stated.

Photo from GOOD Meat

Top photo from GOOD Meat