Flash a photo of ‘RedManWithSign’ to get S$5 off at RedMan stores

Spot him this weekend at Orchard Road & The Star Vista.

| Hannah Martens | Sponsored | December 16, 2023, 08:59 AM

Christmas time can be hectic and stressful. You may be searching for the perfect gift for the people in your life, one that conveys how much they mean to you and something they enjoy.

No one wants to get plain, old, boring socks, right?

With such a puzzle, let me suggest an excellent alternative to conventional gift-giving.

Baking is a beautiful way to express your love and gratitude this festive season.

I can vouch for it as it is one of my favourite ways to show my family and friends that I care for them without words or presents wrapped with a bow.

I remember making cupcakes for a family member’s important event because it was my way to thank that person for all they did in my life.

I spent two days planning, baking, and decorating, and while it was not bakery-level, it was my way of telling them “I love you” with treats.

Images by Hannah Martens

The best part was how everyone appreciated my bakes, devouring every last bit of them. It also helped that everyone said it was tasty.

Baking helps me translate all the love, gratitude and care I have for the people in my life with sweet treats and savoury goods.

It is a gift from the heart, made with your bare hands.

The best part of baking is the creative freedom to make anything, from bread to pies to cakes to cookies and biscuits.


All baked goods start from the basics, like flour, sugar and butter. So, you must stock up on essential ingredients for all your holiday bakes.

Since you might be getting them from a store like RedMan, why not sweeten the deal with a discount?

Look out for RedManWithSign at Orchard Road on Dec. 16 and The Star Vista on Dec. 17.

RedManWithSign will be roaming around, holding a sign encouraging you to put more thoughtfulness into your gift-giving this year.

Snap a photo of him, and simply flash it at any RedMan store across Singapore to snag a S$5 discount, with a minimum spend of S$35.

If you need a hint on exactly where you can find the RedManWithSign (who will be constantly moving), follow @redmanwithsign.

Image via The Secret Little Agency

(Here’s a clue: He’s a real person, so he won’t be standing at the same spot the whole time.)

Christmas recipes you can follow

If you are not sure where to begin, there are some easy festive bakes that you can try this Christmas on RedMan’s website.

Image via RedMan's website

Or you can sign up for a baking class or grab a festive baking kit available at all RedMan stores and be on your way to give the gift of homemade treats this holiday season.

A simple jar of cookies or a delicious tray of cupcakes can go a long way in showing you care for your loved ones.

Top photos via The Secret Little Agency

This article by Phoon Huat Pte Ltd made the writer go home and make a mess in her kitchen baking.