Instead of buying a new phone, here’s how to make your old phone feel new

I’m not a lawyer, but I’ll take the case.

| Tan Min-Wei | Sponsored | December 07, 2023, 05:35 PM

Look, you know it, you don’t need a new phone.

How old is it really? A year? Maybe two?

Do you even know what the new one does?

(You do? Okay, never mind, this next bit isn’t for you.)

But really, you know it in your heart, your phone is fine. It’s fiiiiiiiiiiiine.

It works, it makes calls, you can watch TikTok on it, and if that one guy can publish TikToks that look like that (you know who I’m talking about) you’ll be okay with the camera you have.

Sure, there are those who like burning money, but you can burn that money *elsewhere*.

What you really want (again, if you know why you’re upgrading, this part still isn’t for you), is a new look.

And CASETiFY can solve that for you - no problem - with its customisable cases and adorable designs.

(If you’re still insistent on getting a new phone, you can look back now. Please!)

But if you don’t like burning money, man, have I got a deal for you.

From Dec. 8 to 13, CASETiFY is having a massive 12.12 sale.

Get in on the action here.

Look at this stuff

Just look at it.

Image via CASETiFY

This is from CASETiFY’s Joguman Studio collection, and it's adorable.

But beyond the cuteness of the collection, it’s also equally deeeeeep.

“We are tiny little beings. But that doesn’t mean we’re unimportant.”

And hey, if all little Dino, Brachio, wishes to do is to bring a little smile to a few people’s faces, it certainly brought a smile to mine.

You can get these cases for your iPhone, your Samsung Galaxy (including the Z Fold!), Pixel phone, straps for your Apple Watch, even for your Airpods and Airtags!

Look at Brachio with his Christmas hat. Image via CASETiFY

Wondering what are those bumps on the corner?

That’s CASETiFY’s Bounce Case, made with EcoShock Material.

It has corner bumpers for extra drop protection rated to 6.5m, because you want to change cases regularly (maybe), but not phones (probably).

They would know, they dropped it *checks notes* 156 times?!

And that white ring? It's because the Bounce Case is MagSafe compatible, so all your magnetic accessories and battery packs work with it.


If you’re into other types of cute ancient beasts, try the Leonarudo, a cartoon shark that turns into whatever it eats.

How does that work? No idea, but if I had to surmise a guess, it would probably be by being cuter than words.

But you can also get it in a semi-clear coloured case, or one that focuses entirely on the design, totally obscuring the back of your phone, if you, like me, bought a phone too soon after release and didn’t get the colour you wanted.

Again: you don’t need a new phone. Just get a sweet new case.

Image via CASETiFY

And if you don’t have or want any MagSafe compatible accessories, then why pay for the magnets?

If you don’t need them, the cases are available without MagSafe as well.

Image via CASETiFY

And in case you’re anything like me (I’m so sorry if you are) you don’t need a new iPad either.

CASETiFY has tablet cases!


Wait, did I hear you say you didn’t want magnets? What, are you nuts? Magnets are great! They’re like magic!

Image via CASETiFY

Here, as part of the Duckoo collection, are a fine assortment of cases and most importantly, MagSafe compatible accessories, including the Snappy Cardholder Stand.

Talk about being versatile. Image via CASETiFY

It’s a brilliant multifunction too, a kickstand, but also stores that one card you always need with you, the office access card, credit card, driver’s licence, always with you on your phone.

And it's partially made with recycled materials, which is always nice.

I’m sick of Everything

Image via CASETiFY

If I were to describe the collection, it’d be cute, cynical and lazy.

Then again, it’s not easy to be all three at once, but this lil’ duck from the SSEBONG collection does that just fine.

I’m pretty sure many of us find this duck relatable, so let it take on that persona while you go out there to live your best life.

While a new case may not always be enough to lift spirits, with the Impact Case, you can at least not destroy your phone when you slump on the table, like the lil’ duck.

Rated for a drop of 2.5m, tested 104 times from all possible angles, and with a lifted ring around your camera’s so you don’t scratch your camera lenses, the Impact Case will protect your phone for you.

Gif via CASETiFY

But if you have a slumped-on-table kind of day, it helps if you can still watch your shows.

That’s why CASETiFY has the Impact Ring Stand case.

It's a lot like the Impact Case, but has a built-in kick-stand? Where is it? Why it's the camera ring!

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Image via CASETiFY

CASETiFY also has these awesome looking Mirror Case.

It's seen here with their Katie’s Collective design, but is also available with the other collections, in case you wanted to take selfies with your more powerful main camera.

But if you just like the designs but not the mirror, the designs are available on less shiny models too.

In fact, CASETiFY’s customisabilty means that most of the designs are available on most of the cases.

Browse through the collection and mix and match to suit your needs.

Image via CASETiFY

But I don’t need two cases!

So 12.12 sale, great.

Awesome looking cases, very nice.

But the deal is 15 per cent off for one item, and 25 per cent off for two!

Am I meant to get two cases? According to this sale, the answer seems to be yes.

Can I put them both at the same time? No, but you can definitely alternate between the two cases.

While you’re at it, why not also consider CASETiFY’s other top selling item: their phone straps. Its popularity is self-explanatory with a clear blend of functionality and style.

Image via CASETiFY

Image via CASETiFY

Keep your phone close at hand at all times, while cutting the cost of your new case.

So if you’re looking for ways to refresh your phone without having to buy a whole new one, CASETiFY has the answers you’re looking for.

Don’t miss out on their 12.12 sale either, running from Dec. 8 until Dec. 13.

Click here to browse the wide selection of case types and designs, and enjoy your new feeling phone.

This sponsored article by CASETiFY had this author throwing his phone against the wall 156 times.

Top image via CASETiFY