My team & I ordered food delivery to spend more time together in the office, like we don’t already do so

Free food = swee mood.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | October 12, 2023, 10:39 AM

My colleagues and I love food.

Here at Mothership, and more specifically, the commercial team, bonding over food is something we love to do.

From celebrating the onboarding of a new colleague to bidding an old colleague farewell or just hanging out together for our monthly team lunch, food is one of the many things that undoubtedly binds us as a group of people.

Us at our monthly team lunch (left) and at Lighthouse restaurant to bid our colleague, Berlinda, farewell (right).

That’s why I decided to invite my teammates to order lunch and tea together via the Grab app one Monday morning.

Not only was this the perfect opportunity for us to eat and chit-chat over free food, we would also be able to test out two of Grab’s new(ish) features at the same time:

  • 99¢ Pre-Order Delivery
  • Saver Delivery

99¢ Pre-Order Delivery

For the uninitiated, Grab has recently launched a money saving feature which allows you to pre-order food before a certain timing and pay only 99 cents in delivery fees, no minimum spend required.

This pre-order delivery service is only available on weekdays, with three pre-order slots per day:

Click here to check if your location has the “99¢ Pre-Order Delivery” option.

After scrolling through the available merchants for our office location, I decided to order CRAVE for everyone.

Image via Melanie Lim

The ordering process was pretty simple and intuitive:

Image via Melanie Lim

Image via Melanie Lim

Image via Melanie Lim

After placing our orders, all we had to do was wait for the food to arrive, which promptly did between 12pm to 12:30pm:

Image via Melanie Lim

We then chope-d a table at the office pantry, handed out our lunch boxes and proceeded to tuck into our Nasi Lemak, but not before taking a mandatory #foodshot and Gen-z selfie:

Image via Adele Yap and Melanie Lim

In an attempt to bridge the age gap between our Gen-z intern and millennial colleagues, our lunchtime topic revolved around the different cultures of our respective universities when we were still schooling.

Very fun. Very interesting. Also made me feel very old (*sobs*).

Grab Saver Delivery

By the time 2pm rolled around, I informed my teammates that they were in for yet another treat - drinks from KOI.

Image via Melanie Lim

This time, I placed orders using “Saver Delivery” instead of the “99¢ Pre-Order Delivery”:

Image via Melanie Lim

If you haven’t yet seen this option on your Grab app when checking out, “Saver Delivery” is a feature Grab recently rolled out that offers users a lower delivery charge in exchange for a longer delivery time.

Compared to the “99¢ Pre-Order Delivery” feature which has three time slots per day, “Saver Delivery” can be used at any time of the day.

After around an hour (the approximate time needed for “Saver Delivery”), our drinks arrived:

Image via Melanie Lim

Which is better?

From my experience with both delivery options, it seems that office workers would benefit the most from using the “99¢ Pre-Order Delivery” because they can place their orders ahead of time, such as before they arrive at work, or before they get busy.

Using this option would also save them from having to jostle with crazy CBD crowds during peak hour meal timings.

On the other hand, “Saver Delivery” would benefit anyone who wants to save some money on food delivery and doesn’t mind waiting a little longer for their orders.

Here are some key differences between the two delivery options so you can decide which one works best for you:

I’ll definitely be keeping both options in mind for future food deliveries with my colleagues.

After all, food is undoubtedly one of the many things that binds us together, and I’m not one to pass up on cheaper delivery fees.

This sponsored article by Grab made this writer thankful for cheaper delivery options.

Top images via Adele Yap and Melanie Lim