4 of the best souvenirs you can get from M’sia, according to this S’porean’s mum

Make your trip across the causeway, a worthwhile one.

| Michelle Chew | Sponsored | September 15, 2023, 12:02 PM

We’ve all come across news of causeway jams and long queues every public holiday. 

I’m no stranger to such news as my mum is a frequent traveller to Malaysia herself.

However, she is somehow able to go to and from the causeway without being stuck in a queue most of the time.

I credit this achievement to the “kiasu-ness” in her.

Whether it be chiong-ing for the shortest queue to not being afraid to ask for discounts at shops, I’ve definitely reaped benefits everytime my mum goes to Malaysia.

By benefits, I mean handfuls of souvenirs, ranging from food to cosmetic products.

Here are some of her frequent buys:

1. Ah Huat White Coffee and Tea

Ah Huat White Coffee and Tea is a name familiar to most Singaporeans, and so it is with my mum. 

As Ah Huat White Coffee originates from Malaysia, my mum finds that buying it in its country of origin gives the coffee an added taste of “authenticity”. 

Here are some products you can consider buying, ranging from their OG – White Coffee, to their Tea Blends, which is more affectionately known as Teh C.

Image courtesy of Ah Huat White Coffee

The “Gold Medal”, which boasts a strong coffee aftertaste, consists of a mixture of Freeze Dried, Spray Dried and Microground coffee.

For the uninitiated, here’s what these terms mean.

Freeze drying: Allows for the removal of water content from the coffee by lowering temperature ranging from -40°C to -50°C, to keep the coffee’s freshness without losing its intrinsic aromas and attributes

Spray drying: When coffee extract is being sprayed into a stream of hot air at the top of a tall cylinder and becomes fine powder as it falls and dries

Microground coffee: As its name suggests, it means finely ground roasted coffee

Apart from “Gold Medal”, “Kosong” is your typical black coffee, which leaves a bittersweet aftertaste.

Image courtesy of Ah Huat White Coffee

If you’re as detailed as me, you will notice that the packaging for their White Coffee differs.

The White Coffee packets with the slightly brown packaging falls under Ah Huat’s “Charcoal Roast” Kopitiam series, and is said to have a traditional kopitiam flavour with its smoky aroma.

2. Pastries

Speaking of family favourites, my mum shared with me that she also buys Hiap Joo Bakery products back for our relatives whenever she goes to Malaysia. 

At a fairly affordable price point of RM12 (S$3.50) for 10 pieces, their banana cake is a crowd favourite thanks to its moist and fluffy texture, accompanied by a heavenly banana fragrance. 

My mum was first introduced to Hiap Joo Bakery by my cousin, and it’s been a family favourite since. 

Screenshot via Mothership

3. Beauty products

One thing I always ask my mum to buy whenever she goes to Malaysia are beauty products.

Whether that be facial cleanser, contact lens solutions or make-up products, there is bound to be some kind of promotion going on.

It got to the point where my mum proceeded to buy these things for me without me even asking.

One item she purchased for me recently is a set of three Bausch and Lomb solutions from Watsons Malaysia at RM39.80 (~S$11.60).

Fellow contact lens wearers will know that this is a steal.

4. Apparel

Last but not least, this is an ode to all the fashion girlies (and boyz).

Malaysia is not just a place for good food, but also a haven for clothes and shoes.

My mum reminded me of a pair of shoes that I bought from Johor Bahru quite a few years back.

Photo by Michelle Chew

I have since retired this pair of shoes, but it lasted me for a good three years.

I’ve also received many compliments while donning this pair of shoes. Hehe.

Besides clothes, my mum sniggered and added that she also keeps a lookout for affordable and good quality undergarments while she’s shopping in Malaysia.

If you’re not heading there for good bargains, I am certain that the variety of food that our neighbouring country has will be up your alley.

All in all, there is bound to be something for everyone across the borders.

This sponsored article by Ah Huat White Coffee made this writer want to visit Malaysia soon.

Top photo courtesy of Ah Huat White Coffee and Resh Rayan/Google Maps.