‘My latest snack inspiration’: 7 Mothership colleagues try the new Kinder Tronky

Opinions from those who never snack to those who always do.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | May 19, 2023, 10:40 AM

As someone whose body responds better to eating several small meals per day as opposed to three regular sized meals, snacking and feeling peckish at odd hours of the day is quite normal for me.

This also means that I often turn to snacking (in a controlled manner) to alleviate my stress at work and stay creative by rejigging my brain juices.

After all, I’ve yet to encounter a creative problem a good munch can’t help solve.

Besides snacking, here are several other things I do to stay productive and keep my creative juices flowing:

  • I browse social media
  • I look for inspiration from the things and places around me
  • I bounce ideas off colleagues

Kinder Tronky

At the time of writing, my latest snack inspiration is Kinder Tronky, Kinder’s new wafer biscuit that comes with a creamy and crunchy filling.

Touted as “the perfect snack throughout the day”, Kinder Tronky has a multi-layered texture comprising cocoa wafer with a chocolate layer inside and delicious milky, creamy filling containing crunchy biscuit crumbs.

After receiving three boxes of Kinder Tronky on my desk one afternoon, I decided to add it to my usual snack pile and invited several other colleagues to try it out with me.

I approached a range of colleagues from those who never ever snack during working hours to those who snack in the office all day.

Here’s what they had to say about the Kinder Tronky.

The one who never snacks

“If you're a fan of cream-filled biscuits, you would enjoy this for sure. The wafer is super crispy and complements the creaminess of the filling, great for those who want to eat something sweet, but not eat too much at one go. As someone who doesn't really snack, I would consider eating this if I was looking for something small to munch on, because it's unlikely that I would eat a big snack.”

Tanya Ong

The ones who occasionally snack

“The wafer goes quite well with the sweet chocolate centre. I would eat this if I needed a quick, pick-me-up kind of snack.”

Gawain Pek

“If I could reincarnate to be one thing, it might just be the Kinder Tronky. At least I know I will be tasty when I get eaten and a pleasure to ingest, bringing unadulterated joy to the eater. Because there is nothing more satisfying than a wafer casing filled with milky filling.”

Belmont Lay

The ones who snack all the time

“Not overwhelmingly sweet like those cream filled ones that shout diabetes, but still very tasty. I can actually see myself stocking this up in my drawer and eating it while I edit videos.”

Isaac Wong

“The filling has more of a cream taste than chocolate, so go for it if you have a sweet tooth. The wafer is also very good - crisp, light and not too flaky, quite similar to the Kinder Bueno wafer. Another good thing about this is that the exterior isn’t coated with chocolate or sauce, so it won’t be messy if you eat it with your hands.”

Nigel Chua

“Kinder Tronky has a more premium feel compared to some of the random cookies we stock in our office pantry. When something has the Kinder brand name on it, you expect it to have a certain quality and I think this lived up to expectations. I’d definitely eat this as a regular snack at work because nothing is safe when I’m hungry.”

Andrew Koay

“I loved the Kinder Tronky so much that I even created a poem for it:

Snacking is love, snacking is life.

Snacking is my paradise.

Kinder Tronky, delicious and crunchy,

It’s perfect for when I need something munchy.

Crispy and milky yet small and lightweight,

It recharges me easily at a rapid rate.

Creamy and sweet, yet neat to eat,

This is one treat that you have to meet.”

Melanie Lim

Now available for purchase

As gleaned from the responses above, Kinder Tronky is suitable as a go-to snack for individuals with different snacking frequencies, from those who never snack to those who always do.

As a regular snacker myself, I’d recommend even the most fussy and sceptical of snack eaters to give Kinder Tronky a shot to see what it’s all about, before deciding for themselves if it’s really worth adding to their daily snack routine.

Kinder Tronky is now available for purchase at all major supermarkets across Singapore.

They are sold in packs of five, and each pack costs S$3.85.

You can also purchase them online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

This sponsored article by Kinder let this writer know of a new snack to add to her stash.

Top images by Melanie Lim