Xiaomi gives sneak peek of new foldable phone in the works

Even Xiao-er mi.

January 23, 08:35 pm

Dyson HQ move to S'pore from UK leads to founder being criticised for Brexit 'hypocrisy'

Dyson's founder is a supporter of Brexit.

January 23, 01:52 pm

Go-Jek driver cancelled trip from Marina Barrage even after passenger repeatedly assured him he wouldn't cancel

Poor thing.

January 23, 11:46 am

Vending machine in Yishun dispenses Norwegian salmon fillet for S$5.90

Interesting concept.

January 22, 12:35 pm

This insanely realistic Japanese model is actually entirely computer-generated

Crazy realistic.

January 20, 01:27 pm

S'pore lady's Samsung freezer has so much frost, it looks like a scene out of Antarctica

Frost, frost, young adult.

January 19, 12:21 pm

Samsung just debuted 219-inch TV called ‘The Wall’

Damn big.

January 14, 10:02 am

Leaks reveal what new Samsung S10 will probably look like

Really thin as well.

January 13, 12:39 pm

Lexar releases world's first 1TB SD card

For high-res stuff.

January 10, 12:17 pm

Man wins "iPhone" from claw machine, turns out to be box of "chocolates" with condoms inside


January 10, 09:53 am

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