I bought my first Bitcoin in S’pore and dabbled in cryptocurrency for three weeks. Here’s how it went down.

Starting with crypto was surprisingly not that difficult.

March 28, 10:58 AM

New York Times shocked S'pore's coronavirus measures erode personal privacy

The New York Times called the level of detail in MOH's press releases 'stunning'.

March 24, 11:47 AM

Japan's largest bank to invest nearly S$1 billion in Grab S'pore to build 'regional super app'

MUFG's partnership with Grab will help the bank grow its presence in Southeast Asia.

February 21, 11:09 PM

It might cost around S$625 just to make one PS5

There goes our money.

February 17, 05:54 PM

Samsung to launch Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy S20 series, Ultra 5G will cost you S$1,898

Will my spleen do?

February 12, 04:56 PM

NEA to train enforcement officers using Virtual Reality simulations with avatars of homeowners or offenders


February 11, 10:21 PM

Irresponsible hamster owners should just buy talking hamster toys

Please don't get a real hamster just for the Year of the Rat.

January 17, 05:49 PM

Xiaomi security camera user ends up seeing footage of other people's homes


January 04, 04:39 PM

NTU scientists successfully break down plastics using sunlight in just 6 days

The product is a chemical, formic acid, which can be used in food preservatives, cleaning products and hydrogen fuel cells.

January 03, 11:16 AM

WhatsApp to stop working on older Android & iPhone operating systems from Feb. 1, 2020

Make sure you update your operating system.

December 13, 03:38 PM