S’pore Angst

Customer allegedly finds glass bits in smoothie at Slappy Cakes, manager said it's a ‘small issue’

The staff who prepared the drink did not show remorse either.

November 18, 08:42 pm

S'pore vet assistants who mocked deaf cat will handle admin duties if they return to clinic

The clinic stressed that it was an isolated incident that does not reflect their work ethic.

November 15, 10:41 pm

Lianhe Zaobao: S'pore abbot accused of engaging male prostitute in temple

The whistleblower claimed that the abbot engaged the male prostitute using temple funds.

November 15, 06:54 pm

Video of PMD rider who filmed & confronted 'staring' pedestrians surfaces

Double trouble.

November 14, 08:12 pm

S'pore PMD user confronts pedestrians at bus stop over alleged staring

Oh no.

November 14, 06:37 pm

S’pore vet suspends nurses for mocking deaf cat & playing with castrated dog testicles

The staff uploaded these incidents on their Instagram Stories.

November 13, 10:41 pm

GrabHitch driver gives S'pore lady free ride after finding out her struggles as PMD delivery rider

The lady is a single mother with a 10-month-old child.

November 12, 04:14 pm

KOI S'pore apologises after customer allegedly bit on yellow fingernail from bubble tea order

She forced herself to throw up to feel better.

November 9, 12:19 pm

I spoke to PMD delivery riders at an Ang Mo Kio MPS. No, they're not young punks.

They're just trying to make an honest living within their means.

November 7, 09:25 pm

At S$0.04 per kg, S'poreans surprised at how little cardboard collectors earn

The value of cardboard boxes has apparently gone down.

November 5, 11:58 am

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