S’pore Angst

SATS investigating 2 female staff filmed fighting on Changi Airport tarmac

Some bags in the vicinity were trampled in the process.

March 18, 09:02 pm

"Pay-as-you-throw" idea for HDB rubbish chutes leaves S'poreans in shock & awe

There are upsides.

March 18, 03:47 pm

S'pore gym cites body positivity & Me Too movement after being questioned about CCTV in changing room


March 18, 01:14 pm

Students take part in 'online strike' to lobby S'pore govt to measure carbon emissions in absolute terms

What are you doing for the environment?

March 16, 10:25 pm

ST forum writer says housewives should be paid salary. S'poreans are divided.

Yes? No? Call Police?

March 16, 06:15 pm

SingPost apologises after letterbox doors found wide open for hours in Sembawang & Bedok


March 16, 02:32 pm

CPF says woman who can't withdraw savings for son's mental health treatment is getting financial help

In her letter, the mother blamed the government's policies for her family's circumstances.

March 14, 07:23 pm

Cyclist in S'pore knocks down traffic cone & falls over, concern for traffic cone intensifies

No love lost for the cyclist in this case.

March 14, 04:54 pm

S'pore P6 student "frustrated" as test model answer insinuates kopitiam workers not well-to-do

She didn't ask her teacher about it as she didn't want to get scolded.

March 13, 11:09 am

McDonald's S'pore replaces classic Coke with less sugar version, sparks calls to get old version back

Soda pressing.

March 11, 11:22 pm

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