Almost Famous

25 years after 'The Catherine Lim Affair', S'pore author Catherine Lim explains why she dropped off the radar

Almost Famous: This is also the story of how 'just a simple teacher' wound up getting a PhD, received pretty much the highest possible praise from LKY and is now becoming a teacher all over again.

September 8, 11:42 am

Syed Saddiq missed call from Dr M asking him to be Youth & Sports Minister because he didn't recognise his number

The 'vocal Johorian' tells all about his relationships with two of Malaysia's Prime Ministers.

September 1, 07:45 pm

M’sian minister Syed Saddiq trash-talked with his S'porean dad over S'pore-M'sia football matches

Almost Famous: The 26-year-old, the youngest M'sian minister in history, talks about his visits to S'pore in his childhood for Hari Raya and a handwritten note he once received from Dr M.

August 31, 03:05 am

FatPapas owner & rapper Sheikh Haikel loves his fans, but please stop touching his belly

He even had fans telling him that they made love to his music.

August 12, 06:03 pm

S'pore's 1st Chief of Defence Force spills tea on SAF scholars & parachuting Generals into top positions

We Built This City: General Winston Choo happens to be one of them as well.

August 11, 03:33 pm

How an ACS boy defied his parents & became S'pore's 1st 3-star general & Chief of Defence Force

General Winston Choo's life story is one we can only shake our heads in wonder at.

August 9, 03:40 pm

Music veteran Clement Chow, who sang 'Count on Me S'pore', explains why we're rehashing old National Day songs

Singapore's music scene, which he was a big part of at the time too, was way more happening in the 1980s.

August 9, 12:20 pm

Hossan Leong almost died from an unidentified infection in 2018, & he's having his last solo concert thanks to that

Grateful to be alive.

August 4, 03:41 pm

TENG Ensemble founders were mocked for playing "cheena" instruments while in ACS

Almost Famous: Samuel Wong and Yang Ji Wei of the TENG Ensemble went from being asked if they will grow up to play at funerals to nurturing the next generation of Singaporean Chinese instrument musicians.

July 28, 10:49 am

S'porean EDM musician covers her face so that people pay attention to her music, not appearances

A Hannah Montana life.

July 26, 10:02 am

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