Almost Famous

Comedian Ronny Chieng's fondest memories in S'pore? Playing basketball at night in Jurong in the 90s.

We asked Ronny Chieng a bunch of Singapore-related questions because we can and we will.

November 15, 04:51 am

After exiting Mediacorp, Evelyn Tan saw raising her 4 children as her full-time career

She homeschools three of them.

November 9, 09:38 pm

S'porean lyricist who wrote songs for Stefanie Sun & JJ Lin runs 11km every day to stave off depression

Having been diagnosed with chronic depression, Xiao Han explains what living with the mental health condition is like and why she will never go to that place to produce heart-wrenching songs.

November 3, 12:27 pm

S'porean actor Andie Chen landed breakout role in local drama because he didn't listen to his manager

What a hustler.

October 20, 07:40 pm

Joanne Peh cried, and not in a good way, after winning 2nd Best Actress Award in 2009

Almost Famous: The multi-hyphenate talks about her journey as an actress and whether she sees herself as a successful artiste now.

October 20, 10:26 am

Tan Tock Seng doctor laughed at veteran S'pore psychiatrist when he said he worked at Woodbridge hospital

Kua Ee Heok has devoted his entire career to de-stigmatising mental illnesses — and he's not done yet.

October 12, 01:52 pm

Playwright Alfian Sa'at wants to empower young S’poreans to speak out because 'your voice matters'

He also talks about his upcoming play 'Merdeka' and his take on that Yale-NUS incident.

October 6, 01:35 pm

If Gurmit Singh disappeared from your screen in the 2010s, it's to spend time with his family

But now you'll hear more of him on the radio.

September 30, 08:59 pm

25 years after 'The Catherine Lim Affair', S'pore author Catherine Lim explains why she dropped off the radar

Almost Famous: This is also the story of how 'just a simple teacher' wound up getting a PhD, received pretty much the highest possible praise from LKY and is now becoming a teacher all over again.

September 8, 11:42 am

Syed Saddiq missed call from Dr M asking him to be Youth & Sports Minister because he didn't recognise his number

The 'vocal Johorian' tells all about his relationships with two of Malaysia's Prime Ministers.

September 1, 07:45 pm

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