Writer – Features


You will be working for Mothership’s resident slave driver.

She will need you to:

  • Look for good people to interview.
  • Google and stalk them until you know them well enough to
  • Interview them (and photograph them or shoot video of them, if you can also do those things).
  • Create their stories (in text, photographs and/or video, or any other future format that may exist).
  • Discover/dream up new ways to tell stories, and most importantly,
  • Carry out the miscellaneous duties/bidding of aforementioned slave driver. She will strive to ensure (but may not always be able to guarantee) these are relevant to your work as far as possible.

Here’s what you need to do a decent job at this punishing position:

  • Enjoy writing (you’ll be writing a lot of longer-form pieces)
  • Enjoy reading (you’ll also be doing a lot of this — books, magazines, long articles, long interviews and moar)
  • Be fundamentally kaypoh (this will put you in good stead to discover things, ask good questions and plug information gaps)
  • Have a point of view (and preferably, if possible, an operational brain, to think about things that you read and hear and discover)
  • Be keen to learn, and willing to unlearn everything you know and learn everything you don’t (but may think you do) from scratch
  • Have decent grammar, vocabulary and use of language (English most important, other languages are a plus)
  • Enjoy talking to people (you’ll be doing a lot of interviewing)
  • Be good at Googling things (you’ll be doing a lot of research on these people you will be interviewing)
  • Have a good eye for visuals and pictures (if you can take said good pictures and/or video, that would be even better)
  • Have good initiative — if you’re the kind who tries your best not to volunteer for opportunities, no need to volunteer for this job

Tough hor. But the most important thing actually is to like interviewing people and telling people’s stories, and be willing to learn, and work hard.

If you’re interested, email your resume (in pdf!) to [email protected]! If you’ve done some interviews or have written stuff before that you are brave enough to show us, please add them to your application. Please include “Career Application – Writer (Features)” in the subject line. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


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