Another back-and-forth ensued, with Mr Singh saying: “Ms Lim, here we go again”. Ms Lim’s lawyer Chelvah Rajah then stood up to insist that his client had already answered the question “five to six times”.

“If so, that’s the most disingenuous series of answers I have heard,” said Mr Singh. “I wish to pursue this because I know she will try her luck and see how she can stretch it before she is cornered.

“A witness shouldn’t be allowed to treat such matters so lightly, and ignore the word that is staring everyone in the face. She’s not answering the question … because this is where she’s headed.”

“What I understand is we’re headed to 5pm with the same question,” Mr Rajah laughed.

“She is prepared to lie under any circumstances,” Mr Singh replied.

Justice Kannan then stepped in to ask Ms Lim to answer the question “in substance”.

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