When asked if he had ensured that the works were satisfactorily completed before signing off, Mr Yeo said that the MPs were the ones who made the checks, noting that they were “the best people to oversee (them)”.

“If we don’t perform, the MPs will come after us,” he said.

“The MPs, they saw us working from day to night from 2011 to 2015 … and I got high blood because of that, it’s very stressful,” he said. “We scratch our head to ensure that we cannot let the town council down.”

Mr Chan also explored the issue of payment processes briefly in the cross-examination of the next two witnesses Mr Ronley Ng and Mr Tan Han Hoe, both of whom had roles in FMSS or AHTC.

Mr Ng confirmed that he was not involved in the payment process other than to compile the relevant documents and present them to the town council chairman. Mr Tan said that his role was to check through the documents submitted to the finance department for payment.

Two other witnesses who were previously with Hougang Town Council, Ms Serene Loi and Ms Chong Huey Jiuan, took the stand only to be told by the lawyers that they had no questions for them.

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