You can read David Chua’s Affidavit Evidence-in-Chief here: 2018.09.14-AEIC-of-David-Chua_Redacted_1

In conclusion, I wish to state the following:

a) I am a resident volunteer of the TC.

b) At all material times, I carried out my duties in good faith and to the best of my abilities. I acted in the best interests of the residents of Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC.

c) For the reasons stated above, I do not believe that the TC has suffered any loss. There is also no allegation that I had personally caused the TC any loss.

d) AHTC and PRPTC are not entitled to the relief as claimed or at all.

The claims against me are without basis. Accordingly, I humbly request this Honourable Court to dismiss the claims against me in both Suits 668 and 716 with costs.

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