You can read How Weng Fan’s Affidavit Evidence-in-Chief here: 2170388_AEIC-of-How-Weng-Fan_Redacted_1


Every allegation made by the Plaintiffs in both Suits against FMSS are superficial, speculative and unmeritorious. Here is a case where we have elected members parliament who are running the Town Council (ie: AHTC/AHPETC) and making decisions for the residents that elected them. FMSS was also engaged by the same responsible members of AHTC/AHPETC to perform MA Services and we have done well in the circumstances. However, on the other hand, we have non-elected people buttressing in, without knowledge of the Town Council management model or the political nature of the Town Councils or without any understanding that interest of the Town Council is in actual fact the interest of the residents, and making preposterous allegations against the elected MPs and their decision on matters. Is not an independent contractor such as FMSS’ (including Loh and myself) supposed to rely on the actions and instructions of the principals of AHTC/AHPETC? Loh and I are clear on our roles in AHTC/AHPETC. We were contracting parties tasked to carry out the instructions of the Town Council. We had not contracted to be fiduciaries.


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