You can read Vincent Koh’s Affidavit Evidence-in-Chief here: 2018.09.13-AEIC-of-Vincent-Koh_Redacted_1

In any case, the absence of a signature by the Property Manager does not mean that the contractor’s work was not completed and/or not inspected. As Deputy General Manager checking these documents at the material time in November 2015, I would have ensured that all contracted works were completed and paid for only after I have had sight of all supporting documents required to be satisfied that the contracted works as quoted were duly completed before I signed on any cheque for payment or recommendations for payment.

….I confirmed that I was satisfied with the supporting documents that had accompanied the 56 invoices and that the contracted works as quoted in these 56 invoices were therefore duly completed. In other words, services were rendered and/or goods were received for all 56 invoices.

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