Police officers see 'suspicious' man with box in Aljunied, give chase when man dumps box & flees

On the run, literally.

Winnie Li | July 10, 2024, 01:08 PM


WhatsappA video showcasing police officers chasing after a man dressed in a white T-shirt at Aljunied MRT station was uploaded to TikTok in July 2024.

In the video, the man in white could be seen running hastily to evade two police officers's pursuit.

He also looked back occasionally at the police officers, presumably to check how far ahead he was.

Video via TikTok

While one of the police officers accidentally fell to the ground during the chase, the officer quickly got up and continued chasing the man.

The man was running so fast that at one point, his cap fell off his head.

After a third police officer joined the chase, the man quickly climbed over a railing and continued to flee.

In response, a police officer also climbed over the railing to chase after the man, while the other two officers made a stop.

The TikTok video has since been removed as of Jul. 9 morning.

Chase took place in June 2024

In response to Mothership's queries, the Singapore Police Force said that the incident took place at about 5:20pm on Jun. 8.

At the time, police officers were patrolling at Aljunied MRT station when they were alerted to a man "behaving suspiciously" in the vicinity.

However, when officers approached the man, he fled on foot and left behind a styrofoam box.

The officers gave the man a chase but eventually lost sight of him.

In the discarded styrofoam box, police found items believed to be duty-unpaid cigarettes and unregistered health products.

The case was subsequently referred to the Singapore Customs and Health Sciences Authority.

Top images via TikTok