S'porean actor-singer Nat Ho produces debut song for Mexican boy band

Multi-talented king.

Lee Wei Lin | Yeo Gi-Anne | July 04, 2024, 03:39 PM



Singaporean actor-singer Nat Ho, who dropped a new single earlier this year, has one more feather in his cap.

The 39-year-old produced the debut song for Mexican boy band, By The Way, which was released on Jul. 4.

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Speaking to Mothership, he reveals that his landlord in Los Angeles reached out to him asking if he could produce music that had the same feel-good vibe as superstars BTS.

He let on:

"I kind of feel like this is full circle, because this song came about because of my [Los Angeles] landlord [was] the one that passed me this job."

While his former landlord had an existing team of people working with him, they "had their trouble grasping" the particular concept — "Mexican BTS" that the quintet was going for.

He then turned to Ho for his expertise, and with this directive in mind, Ho produced a track and sent it over to them.

The team liked it enough for it to become By The Way's debut single.

In an Instagram post, Ho shared his excitement about the song's release, along with a sweet video of the boys thanking him for working on the track.

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In the meantime, he hinted that he is "still working on other things for other people". We can't wait to find out more.

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