Swimmer Gan Ching Hwee 'focusing on training' for Olympics, trying not to be distracted

"This journey hasn't been easy, but I'm glad I was able to bounce back from adversity and just keep training and working hard," she said.

Hannah Martens | July 10, 2024, 08:48 PM



After getting invited to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics, Gan Ching Hwee shared that she is focusing on preparing for Paris, trying not to be distracted by everything happening.

Speaking to the media after the announcement of Singapore Aquatics' partnership with Mazda ahead of the Swimming World Cup,

She said she would be training for her individual events, the women's 800m and 1,500m freestyle.

Gan also spoke about swimming in the 100m relay race, having been selected to swim the 100m freestyle leg at the women's 4x100m relay medley event, replacing Quah Ting Wen on the team.

Not her first rodeo

Gan said the Olympics had been her "dream goal" throughout her swimming journey, so making the team has been the highlight despite the disappointment of having missed the "A" cut (or, the Olympic Qualifying Time) which would have guaranteed her spot in the team.

However, Gan met the "B" cut and received an invitation to compete by World Aquatics.

When it was first announced that she was heading to Paris, Gan said that she "did a little dance in the living room, screamed a little bit, [and] cried a lot of tears of joy".

"I was over the moon... This journey hasn't been easy, but I'm glad I was able to bounce back from adversity and just keep training and working hard.

And my hard work has finally paid off."

@mothershipsg "I was over the moon," Gan said when asked how she felt when she first found out she would be going to the Paris Olympics. #ganchinghwee #swimming #singapore #sgnews #fypsg #tiktoksg ♬ original sound - Mothership

On racing in the relay

Gan said the 4x100m relay medley race at the Paris Olympics will not be her first relay.

"I've been on a couple of relays at [the] SEA Games, Asian Games, and even in the [United] States," she added.

Gan is currently a student at Indiana University in the U.S.

At the 2023 SEA Games, Gan was part of the Singapore team that won gold in the women's 4x200m freestyle relay.

"Although the distance might be different, I believe that I will be able to step up and do it for my team... After all, it's not a three-member team, it's a four member team, so I will definitely do my best."

The coach of the national swimming team, Gary Tan, also said that Gan is "more than capable" of stepping up and racing in the event.

Tan said:

"I don't see it as an issue for her to actually just assimilate right into the relay and [get] ready to be part of that relay team as well."

Letitia and Levenia Sim

Levenia and Letitia Sim, who were also at the event, were asked about how the media attention on Gan coming in to join the relay team affected them.

"I don't think it has affected us at all," said Letitia, adding:

"I'm still really focused on my individual events. There have been a lot of talks with the coaches on how I'm going to perform... I'm just really excited to just go into my first Olympics."

Letitia will compete in the 100m breaststroke event as the only female swimmer in the relay team to attain an Olympic Qualifying Time.

Letitia also noted that while the relay was a team event, she knew she had to perform her best individually for the team to succeed.

She said she was "really focused" on doing her best, and said:

"I just want to go in and race my best and hopefully, make everyone proud."

Levenia added that she was excited to represent Singapore at her first Olympic games.

"I'm more grateful to also share this dream with my sister. Overall, I'm a little nervous, but I'm excited to go experience something new."

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