S’pore art curator Artazzle launched inaugural art exhibition to promote Indian art on a global scale

Making Indian art more accessible to all.

| Hayley Foong | Sponsored | July 10, 2024, 06:04 PM

Appreciating art that originates from another culture may feel intimidating.

But it does not have to be this way with a little nudge and keeping an open mind.

Artazzle is a young local-based brand paving the way as a platform to introduce art to a global audience.

In this case, Indian art.

Specialising in curating and distributing Indian art, Artazzle’s inaugural exhibition, “Indian Art Marvels: Celebrating Icons on Canvas” was held at ION Orchard.

Photo by Hayley Foong

​​The exhibition, which ran from May 31 to Jun. 2, 2024, was open to the public with no admission charges.

“Indian Art Marvels: Celebrating Icons on Canvas” showcased the works of eight established and award-winning Indian artists.

Aimed to simplify art appreciation, the exhibition showcased the artistic prowess that was deeply rooted in India's rich heritage.

The artworks were complemented with a modern allure, making it easy to appreciate.

Photo by Hayley Foong

Installations by 8 established Indian artists

The artworks featured in this exhibition revolved around various themes relating to India – hometowns, religion, nature and relationships.

Pop-art inspired pieces by Gopal Samantray show the contrast between rural and urban living in India.

Photo by Hayley Foong

Anand Panchal’s “Raan” series pays homage to his hometown and the rural village life he grew up living.

Photo by Hayley Foong

The pieces by Jagannath Paull depict faces leaning against each other, highlighting the importance of closeness and familial love in Indian families.

Photo by Hayley Foong

Gif by Garey Gan

The pieces by Kamar Alam, titled “Believing” and “Subtle Truth”, feature paintings of monks to spread joy, peace and spirituality.

Alam’s works also emphasises the deeper meaning of interconnectedness and karma.

Photo by Hayley Foong

Photo by Garey Gan

Shrikant Kadam portrays nature in an abstract manner through vibrant colours.

Painting spontaneously, he works with layers of various colours and free strokes to express nature creatively.

Photo by Garey Gan

Photo by Hayley Foong

Beyond curating and distributing exclusive Indian art, Artazzle also offers personalised services, such as art advisory and consultation to cater to the specific needs of all clients.

The art pieces are also available for purchase on Artazzle’s website with secure worldwide shipping in a bid to champion accessibility.

More information about Artazzle can be found here.

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Top images by Hayley Foong and Garey Gan.