'Lovely Runner' actor Byeon Wooseok eats Meadows' truffle chips, has list of 10 places to eat in S'pore

So many places, so little time.

Lee Wei Lin | Yeo Gi-Anne | July 01, 2024, 07:21 PM


WhatsappFor those of you who don't know, South Korean actor Byeon Wooseok was in Singapore for his first fan meeting on Jun. 30, 2024, and met the media hours ahead of the event.

While the model-turned-actor has been in numerous dramas over the years, including "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo" and "Search: WWW", his popularity skyrocketed after his most recent drama, "Lovely Runner".

Prior to the start of the press conference, the 32-year-old gave out yellow roses to the media, taking time to go down the rows, handing out the flowers, and maintaining eye contact with every person he gave a bouquet to.

He also thanked the approximately 50 people for taking the time to attend his press conference.

POV: Byeon Wooseok giving you a yellow rose. Photo by Yeo Gi-Anne.

Fans and food

During the press conference, he fielded many questions, such as how he felt being in Singapore for his first fan meeting, to which he shared that he couldn't wait to "run" to the fan meet, knowing fans took the time and effort to go see him and that he wanted to spend the best time with them.

Byeon also shared his excitement about being in Singapore for the first time. Prior to his visit, he spoke to a friend who lives here and asked for food recommendations.

While the two things he had on the top of his mind were chilli crab and chicken rice, he had lofty goals to pack a lot more than these.

"When I spoke to him before I came here, he said that there are a lot of local dishes apart from chilli crab that were yummy. He sent me a list of about 10 food places, and I want to try as many as possible while I'm here," he shared.

While he made no mention of where these places were, he mentioned pasta, pizza, hamburgers, and local dishes among those that his friend recommended.

Watermelon selfie

If you've been following Byeon on Instagram, you might have seen this amusing photo of him posing with a watermelon.

Image via Byeon Wooseok's Instagram.

When asked why he took the photo, Byeon sheepishly laughed and said that he took the selfie because he was amazed and had never seen a watermelon that huge.

Eating Meadows' potato chips

He was also seen eating Meadows' truffle potato chips in a Weverse live session and said that it was "very delicious".

Image via Byeon Wooseok's Weverse live.

For those who don't know, Meadows is a Singaporean house brand that sells food and drinks, home care as well as health and beauty products.


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Top images via WeVerse and Yeo Gi-Anne.