Repeat Panadol thief, 51, clears out supermarket shelf of S$970 worth of Panadol

"Don't come back, okay," the judge told him.

Brenda Khoo | November 20, 2023, 08:56 PM



A repeat offender cleared an entire supermarket shelf of Panadol worth almost S$1,000, while on remission for previously stealing the medication.

However, he refused to reveal what he did with the 66 boxes of Panadol he stole.

Sng Cheow Sim, 51, was sentenced on Nov. 20, 2023, to two years of jail and an additional 47 days for offending while on a remission order, according to CNA.

Stole 66 boxes of Panadol over 2 separate days

In August, Sng stole 30 boxes of Panadol worth a total of S$330 from a supermarket at Ang Mo Kio Hub, hiding them in a tote bag.

A security guard noticed Sng putting the boxes in his bag.

The guard gave chase when he saw Sng leaving without making payment for the medication. However, he lost sight of Sng.

The guard lodged a police report that same day.

Sng's actions were caught on closed-circuit television cameras.

On Aug. 21, Sng returned to the same supermarket.

This time, he stole 36 more boxes of Panadol tablets, placing them in his tote bag. These tablets included Panadol Extra, Panadol Sinus Max, and Panadol Cold Relief.

Again, he left without paying.

Another security officer told a store executive from the supermarket that the shelf displaying the Panadol tablets was empty.

The store executive subsequently lodged a police report.

The police identified Sng and arrested him two days later, on Aug. 23.

During the investigations, Sng refused to tell the police what he did with the Panadol tablets and boxes.

The stolen items were not recovered.

Previously stole S$250 worth of Panadol

Sng was previously sentenced to jail for 19 months in 2022 after he stole about S$250 worth of Panadol back then.

For his latest offences, Sng pleaded guilty to two counts of theft, with a third charge taken into account.

The stolen 66 Panadol boxes were worth about S$970 in total, including the charge considered.

The prosecutor argued for at least two years of jail for the offender.

He pointed out that Sng has a history of property-related offences between 1990 and 2022.

He described Sng as a "recalcitrant and persistent offender" whose previous jail term had apparently not deterred him.

'Don't come back': Judge

During mitigation, Sng told the judge that his mother was ill with breast cancer.

He also asked the judge for a "more lenient" sentence.

"I (have been) in prison for quite a couple of times already," said Sng, according to CNA. "I do some reflection inside. No point la, no point."

Sng added that he hoped to become a better person when released.

During sentencing, the judge sincerely wished Sng "all the best".

"Don't come back, okay," the judge warned Sng of harsher penalties for future transgressions.

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