S'porean tattoo artist meets Jackson Wang at Neil Road Korean restaurant

"Super nice guy — that's why everybody loves Jackson."

Fasiha Nazren | Lee Wei Lin | September 14, 2023, 08:13 PM



One very lucky Singaporean fan managed to meet his idol, Jackson Wang, on Sep. 14.

Wang is in Singapore to perform at the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2023 on Sep. 15.

He also attended a Hennessy event on Sep. 12, and was at COMO Orchard on Sep. 13.

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Super fan

Kit Tang, 25, told Mothership that his friends ran into Wang at Hansing Pocha at about 2am on Sep. 14.

Tang drove to the Neil Road Korean restaurant.

While he was "super nervous" about speaking to Wang, he managed to do so with the encouragement of his pals.

Tang shared:

"He is legit my idol that inspires me a lot and I followed for a really long time  [I] couldn't even imagine I can get so close and take a photo. He was super super friendly and super cool. He even hugged me for a photo together."

The pair spoke about tattoos after Tang mentioned that he is a tattoo artist.

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"Hopefully, fingers crossed, one day I can get to do a tattoo on him, my very own idol," Tang added.

Tang mentioned that they took a selfie together, but that the photo was blurry. Wang then took the tattoo artist's phone to take another one.

"Super nice guy — that's why everybody loves Jackson," he concluded.

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Top photos courtesy of Kit Tang