Spotify S'pore reverts awkwardly translated Mandarin song titles, clarifies it was just a test

Heng ah.

Lee Wei Lin | July 22, 2022, 06:02 PM

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About a week ago, Mandopop lovers on Spotify were greeted with a very odd phenomenon -- song titles were showing up in either hanyu pinyin or in awkward English translations.

A community post garnered over 230 comments as Spotify users shared their collective outrage over what happened.

This is what their playlists looked like:

Screenshot from cdiony on Spotify

Just a test

When Mothership reached out to Spotify about the issue, a representative clarified that it was an experiment involving "multilingual language data" received from music partners.

The translations were part of a test on the platform as one possible way to "enhance" listeners' experience, and was deployed to provide music partners the option to display album and track titles in different languages.

The changes were then reflected on the front-end based on users' language settings.

It seems like the test has been concluded as the rep confirmed that the titles have since been reverted to Mandarin.

However, some users -- including us -- have not had the original titles restored.

The rep then shared that users who experience this issue can clear their cache to resolve the problem.


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