AGGA star Kelly Kimberly Cheong points out 'rookie mistakes' Kurt Tay made in Yishun fight

Now you know why our beloved superstar celebrity got beaten up.

Lee Wei Lin | July 13, 2022, 12:10 PM

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Hardcore wrestling fan Kurt Tay sparred with a man, whom he called his "hater", at a Yishun void deck on Jul. 5 -- only to get beaten.

There has been lots of talk about Tay's poor performance, and "Ah Girls Go Army" star Kelly Kimberly Cheong -- who, by the way, knows what she's talking about -- analysed the fight and pointed out Tay's "rookie mistakes" in a Jul. 6 Instagram video.

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Why he got beaten up

Cheong, who referred to Tay as "our beloved superstar Kurt Tay", talked about the tactical and technical mistakes he made.

Was off-balance

"He's not really maintaining his stance," she observed.

By crossing his legs, he was off-balance.

Screenshot from Kelly Kimberly Cheong's Instagram

Which was why this happened:

"When you're moving, you want to take a step with the leg that is closer to the direction that you want to go to, and the other leg follows," Cheong added.

Didn't keep his guard up

Tay got "smacked in the face" because he didn't keep his hands close enough to his face to protect it.

Screenshot from Kelly Kimberly Cheong's Instagram

Like so:

Video from Kelly Kimberly Cheong's Instagram

Responded wrongly to getting kicked

Tay also lowered his hands in response to getting kicked -- a wrong move.

"This is really common for people who don't know how to fight," Cheong shared. "They can't deal with kicks. They think they do, but they don't."

Unfortunately, it seems that Tay didn't learn this tip before the fight:

Video from Kelly Kimberly Cheong's Instagram

Didn't wear gloves

"The most important thing", Cheong noted, is that neither party wore gloves.

Wearing gloves would have given the public the impression that the bout was consensual and planned for, and not spontaneous.

She explained that not wearing gloves could have caused alarm to the passersby and one of them might have called the cops on them.

What he did right

That being said, he didn't get everything wrong.

Right standing position... for the most part

Given that Tay is right-handed, she said he should have stood in orthodox -- or with his left side forward and right side back -- which Cheong said he "kinda does, or at least (tried) to" do for most of the fight.

Video from Kelly Kimberly Cheong's Instagram

Good job.

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