M'sian catches driver of S'pore-registered Mercedes-Benz dumping trash out of car in M'sia

The driver continued littering even after they were allegedly chided.

Fiona Tan | June 01, 2022, 04:30 PM

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A driver of a Singapore-registered Mercedes-Benz has been caught on camera treating Malaysia as their personal dumping ground.

Littering in Malaysia

The video of the driver dumping their trash out of the car window was uploaded by @kelvin.channel onto TikTok.

It was accompanied by a caption: "Why do such people, who come to Malaysia to litter because it is illegal in Singapore, exist?"

In the 51-second video, a small pool of garbage can be seen lying on the road next to the driver's door.

Image screenshot from @kelvin.channel/TikTok.

Image screenshot from @kelvin.channel/TikTok.

A woman's laughter can be heard as she proceeds to exclaim in disbelief that the driver was still throwing things out of the black vehicle.

Another woman says: "Look at the driver of this Singapore-registered car that came to Malaysia to dispose their trash."

She goes on to say that the driver chose to litter in Malaysia because they would get off scot-free, unlike in Singapore, where littering is a punishable offence which incurs a fine.

"Since the driver cannot litter in Singapore, they came to Malaysia to litter."

Continued littering despite being told off

The women goes on to claim that one of her friends had told the Mercedez-Benz driver off for treating Malaysia as their personal dumping ground.

Even after being allegedly told off, the driver continued chucking garbage out of the vehicle's window.

Image screenshot from @kelvin.channel/TikTok.

"What an embarrassment. What a disgrace to Singaporeans," she adds.

You can watch the TikTok video below.

@kelvin.channel这么会有这样的人新加坡不可以丢垃圾来马来西亚丢垃圾。🤣🤣🤣♬ 原声 - Kelvin.Channel 🇲🇾

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Top image screenshot from @kelvin.channel/TikTok.