Sharon Au thanks S'poreans for offering support after apartment robbery

Au added that the support has helped her in picking herself up.

Matthias Ang | June 01, 2022, 01:07 PM

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Sharon Au has thanked Singaporeans for offering her warmth and comfort, following the robbery of her apartment on Apr. 30.

In an Instagram post shared on May 31, the 47-year-old former host and actress highlighted that she had received help from a "network of Singaporeans" who had come forth amidst the trauma of the incident.

Who were these Singaporeans?

According to Au, she had received messages from "fellow Singaporeans" who were travelling to Paris, offering to bring her anything which she needed from Singapore.

This ranged from "comfort food" such as bak chor mee and chwee kueh to home appliances, such as a fridge.

Offers of help were also made by Singaporeans who were living within Paris and other European countries, with one person even offering to stay at her B&B (bed and breakfast) accommodation.

Au said, "During the days when I was trying to pick myself up, these messages had one by one lifted me up to stand right back on my feet."

Au also thanked a group Singaporeans vacationing in Europe whom she had met by chance on the street, when she was at her lowest.

This group, Au added, moved her with their "warmth and love".

Au then concluded her post by stating:

"I want to thank you. And to tell you I am A-OKAY now. Maybe not completely but I will learn from this lesson. It was a horrifying situation, but worse could have happened. Rudon (her pet cat) and I are truly lucky to be alive."



Sharon Au(@sharonau13)がシェアした投稿

Burglars "took everything" she loves except her pet cat

On May 11, Au revealed in an Instagram post that burglars had broken into her apartment on Apr. 30, taking "everything" that she loves except her pet cat.

Following the incident, Au quit her job as an investment director in a private equity firm, saying that she has to heal and re-evaluate her life there.

Au also alleged that the French police told her they were "too busy" to retrieve her laptop, and had no desire to escort her to the location where it was detected.

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