Dog owner raises concern over pest poison left around Poiz Centre

The poison was apparently placed there without Poiz Centre management's knowledge.

Low Jia Ying | June 27, 2022, 06:56 PM

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A dog owner in Singapore has raised concern over poison she chanced upon while walking her dog near Poiz Centre in Potong Pasir on Jun. 23.

According to her blog post, she saw "a pile of random green dirt" while out walking her dog in the area, and identified the substance as either rat or snail poison.

The dog owner was concerned as the poison was left out in the open and near walking paths, and feared the harm it may cause to dogs that unintentionally ingest it.

Photo via @donut.pawfriend/Instagram.

Poison found in multiple piles around Poiz Centre

The dog owner said she was walking her dog, Donut, along her usual route in Potong Pasir, where she would usually pass by the Starbucks and Fairprice Supermarket at Poiz Centre.

While on the walk, she saw a green substance and immediately realised it could be rat or snail poison.

Photo via @donut.pawfriend/Instagram.

Alarmed, she quickly brought Donut back home and then returned to the area to see if there were more piles of poison.

"Upon further inspection we found so many piles of rat bait and some were so well hidden in the bushes that pet owners wouldn't be able to notice unless they knew what to look out for," she wrote in an Instagram post.

Photo via donutpawfriend.

She also saw many other piles of poison in the area.

Photo via @donut.pawfriend/Instagram.

Photo via @donut.pawfriend/Instagram.

Photo via @donut.pawfriend/Instagram.

"We were so upset because rat and snail bait are extremely poisonous to pets and wildlife. Ingesting the bait could have killed Donut and with rat poison the effects may be delayed and once we notice it, it's potentially too late," said Donut's owner.

She said she had brought Donut to see a vet, who told her to watch out for lethargy, pale gums and any change in behaviour.

The owner said she was very concerned as she noticed that there were a lot of dogs in Potong Pasir, and noted that there is even a dog run and a pet-friendly cafe near Poiz Centre.

Poison removed, area not under Poiz Centre management

In an Instagram story update on Jun. 25, the owner said the poison appeared to have been removed.

Photo via @donut.pawfriend/Instagram.

When contacted for comment, Poiz Centre told Mothership that the area where the poison was spotted did not come under their management.

It also confirmed that the poison was not placed there by Poiz Centre management and they had spoken to the relevant parties involved in the matter.

According to the dog owner's blog post, Poiz Centre management did not know about the poison, and their contractor had apparently put the bait there without their knowledge.

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