M'sia ex-PM Najib Razak plays cameo role in TV drama

He donned a wig to go back in time.

Tan Min-Wei | June 28, 2022, 07:58 PM

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Malaysia's former Prime Minister Najib Razak will soon appear on the small screen.

He will appear in a cameo role as a Perikatan candidate in the period drama series "Tunjang".

Shooting day

On June 25, Najib posted a series of pictures on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Here's a translation of his post:

"I... changed industries lah. Director said I didn't need to audition. Shooting seems fun. :)"

Najib acted as a political candidate campaigning in a Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) settlement.

Although it's not clear when the series is set, it appears to be in the 1960s or 1970s.

In a report by The Star, Najib described the experience as "new" and a “sweet one”.

Legacy on display

In a video uploaded by Umno Supreme Council member Sohaimi Shahadan, Najib shared that although the character he played was quite different from who he was, the series held a message that was dear to him.

This was because it spoke about the establishment of Felda, which was something his father Tun Abdul Razak Hussein had worked hard towards.

Felda was formed by Tun Razak when he was minister of rural development and deputy prime minister in the 1950s.

As reported by The Edge, it oversaw the relocation of settlers to areas set aside for cash crop cultivation, and through that, poverty alleviation.

The scheme and its settlers have become a central part of Malaysian political culture, and emblematic of the rural parts of the country.

Other images show his character arriving in a classic burgundy Mercedes Benz.

He also jokingly said that his outfit of the day made him look like James Bond, and that he was lucky that the wind was not strong enough to lift his wig off.

A welcome break

Najib is currently an active campaigner for his party, recently making appearances in the fiercely fought Johor State elections.

Although his party is currently in government, he does not hold any government position.

Najib is currently still under trial.

As reported by the Malay Mail, Najib is accused of misappropriating over RM2 billion (S$630 million) of 1MDB funds, and appealing his 12 year jail sentence for a separate but linked offence.

Top image via official Najib Razak Facebook