Pink fries, pink pasta, pink bubble tea & other pink food & drink on foodpanda till Jun. 30

For those who see pink as more than just a pretty colour.

| Nigel Chua | Sponsored | June 01, 2022, 08:59 AM

Different people tap on foodpanda for different purposes: A hot meal on a cold night, an easy way to cater for a party, or even a way to surprise a friend or loved one with some treats.

No matter how you use foodpanda, you would probably recognise the company’s distinctive pink branding, seen on its packaging, its mobile app, and of course, its delivery riders’ thermal bags and uniforms.

For the whole month of June 2022, foodpanda is offering a range of exclusive pink food and drink items, bringing the colour pink from palette to palate.

The limited edition series features items specially cooked up by eight different F&B outlets, putting a pink twist on familiar menu items.

What’s more, these pink food and drinks are available at discounts of up to 50 per cent for delivery orders from now till Jun. 12.

Here are the pink food and drinks you can try for the whole month of June, while stocks last:

Pink panda cookie from Subway

Subway’s Panda Cookie is a panda-shaped gingerbread cookie with pink icing.

First up: foodpanda’s logo in pink icing on a gingerbread cookie. Add that to the list of things you never knew you wanted to eat.

Gingerbread isn’t one of Subway’s current cookie flavours, so you’ll want to make sure to place your Subway delivery order before the end of June if you want to try these cookies.

Just like Subway’s cookies, you can expect these gingerbread ones to be a sweet complement to your sandwich.

Deal: A Panda Cookie will be given out free with each minimum order of S$25 from Subway on foodpanda, from now till Jun. 12.

Pink lemonade lychee drink with Mega-San sushi bundle from Maki-San

The Maki My Day Paufect Bundle (S$16) comes with a DIY Mega-San Sushi roll and a Pink Lemonade Lychee Drink.

Maki-San’s sushi rolls are made-to-order based on your choice of ingredients and can be delivered from any of their various outlets.

You’ll be able to choose your Rice (white or brown) and your Wrap (seaweed or soy), as well as “Essentials” and “Specials” (various ingredients) and “Sprinkles” (toppings like bonito fish flakes, roasted almond flakes, etc.), and Sauces to be rolled into your meal.

For the month of June, customers have the option to complete the set with a special pink-hued lemonade and lychee drink that features the tangy flavour of lemonade, complemented by the floral sweetness of lychees.

The drink comes with a custom label bearing the stamp of approval of foodpanda’s panda brand ambassador Pau-Pau.

Deal: foodpanda customers who order the bundle via delivery will be able to enjoy a 50 per cent discount, bringing the cost down from S$16 to S$8 per set, till Jun. 12.

Pink fries from Wingstop

Wingstop’s Pink Pau-er Fries (S$5.25) are topped with pink tomato mayo, ranch dressing, and tiny crunchy balls.

Wingstop will be topping its Seasoned Fries with extra pink ingredients.

Along with the fries, you’ll get pink tomato mayo, creamy homemade ranch and tiny crunchy balls, making for an extra photogenic side dish with your choice of wings.

Deal: foodpanda delivery customers get a 50 per cent discount off the a la carte price of S$5.25, till Jun. 12.


LiHO’s Pinky Pau Crush - S$6.10 for a Medium size drink and S$7.10 for Large.

There are many ways to stay cool in the midst of hot weather, with one way being a nice cold ice-blended drink.

LiHO’s new drink, named “Pink Pau Crush” after Pau-Pau, is a strawberry flavoured ice blended drink topped with LiHO’s signature CheezHO cheese, and Oreo bits.

It also comes with chewy golden pearls, and is available in both Medium and Large sizes.

Pink pasta from PastaMania

Panda Paw Pasta (S$12.80) has baked chicken and chicken sausages in cream sauce.

PastaMania has created a new foodpanda-exclusive dish: Panda Paw Pasta, prepared with cream sauce, baked chicken and chicken sausages.

You might be able to tell that it’s a foodpanda-exclusive just by looking at it, as the sausages are stamped with paw prints.

Deal: Get it for S$7.68 (after a 40 per cent discount on the S$12.80 price) till Jun. 12 via foodpanda delivery.

Pink yam ring from Kimly Zi Char

Dragonfruit Creme Sauce Prawn Ball Yam Ring (火龙盘芋) (S$33) is Kimly Zi Char’s crispy yam ring topped with fried fresh prawns and an exclusive thousand island sauce made with pink dragonfruit.

Zi char eaters often have a favourite dish, which can be anything from sambal kang kong, prawn paste chicken, hotplate tofu, and so on.

If yam ring is your thing, you might want to have a taste of Kimly Zi Char’s Dragonfruit Creme Sauce Prawn Ball Yam Ring.

The audacious dish features chunks of pink dragonfruit and fried prawns atop a crispy yam ring, served with a thousand island sauce created specially for the dish.

It can be delivered from one of the many zi char eateries within Kimly coffeeshops around Singapore.

Deal: After a 25 per cent discount off the a la carte price, one can order the special yam ring item for just $24.75 each via foodpanda delivery, till Jun. 12.

Bandung Latte from Flash Coffee

Flash Coffee’s Dirty Bandung Latte comes in three sizes, Small (S$5.90), Regular (S$7), and Large (S$7.80).

If you’re familiar with Flash Coffee’s menu, you might know that one can expect the unexpected from the coffee chain.

Rose syrup, creamer and espresso are the key ingredients in its Bandung Latte, which offers just as much colour contrast as it does in terms of flavour.

Deal: Get the Bandung Latte at 20 per cent off from now till Jun. 12.

Pink cake from Rive Gauche

The Scarlet Sweet Spot Cake (S$50) from Rive Gauche is a vanilla sponge cake with lychee cream, along with chunks of fresh lychee and strawberry.

What better way to round off the pink menu than with cake from Rive Gauche.

The sweet treat is a vanilla sponge cake with lychee cream, filled with chunks of fresh lychee and strawberry.

It’s also topped with freshly baked strawberry macarons, meringue, and edible rose petals.

The special pink cake comes in Rive Gauche’s size 5, and is recommended for four or five persons.

Deal: You can arrange for it to be delivered to a friend or loved one via foodpanda, and get a 20 per cent discount too, till Jun. 12.

Items available till Jun. 30

If any of these items have whetted your appetite, remember that they are only available while stocks last, or till Jun. 30, via foodpanda delivery or pick-up.

Do also keep in mind that the promotional prices for the special pink items ends Jun. 12, and apply to delivery orders only.

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