S'pore man jailed 3 weeks after damaging 9 of hotel security guard's teeth during assault

After being assaulted, the guard and his colleague still managed to subdue the man and bring him back to his room.

Lee Wei Lin | June 01, 2022, 11:37 PM

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A 45-year-old man in Singapore has been sentenced to three weeks' jail after pleading guilty to one charge of voluntarily causing hurt. He assaulted two security guards at the Equarius Hotel on Aug. 14, 2020, which caused one of the victims to suffer damage to nine of his teeth.

What happened

Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) reported that Lin Yongfa (name in hanyu pinyin) checked in to the hotel at Resorts World Sentosa with his family on the day of the incident. They left the hotel to eat nearby, and Lin consumed red wine before returning to the hotel.

Shortly after, the offender approached hotel's reception to request for a room change. He was reportedly called "low-class" by an unnamed guest during the process. Enraged, Lin took off his top and raised his voice at the said guest.

SMDN wrote that hotel staff tried to calm Lin down at 10:45pm, who reacted by trying to summon his wife to the reception by calling her. Two security guards from the hotel arrived at the reception at approximately 11pm.

Upon realising that the offender had consumed alcohol, the guards were about to bring him back to his room when the guest who had uttered the disparaging remark spoke up again, this time with: "Call the police if you have a problem."

Lin flew into another rage and attempted to approach the said guest, but was stopped by the two guards. After being pushed into a corner, he started assaulting the guards. One man ended up on the floor and hit his head after being attacked by Lin, while the other was punched repeatedly in the mouth.

The two guards eventually subdued Lin and escorted him back to his room after he had calmed down.

Nine teeth damaged

The guard who was hit in the mouth sought medical attention the next morning, where he was told that one of his front teeth that had previously been restoratively treated was damaged. Restorative dental treatment includes dental fillings, crowns and implants.

As part of the restored tooth fell off after the assault, the entire restored portion had to be removed as the doctor was concerned that it would cause breathing difficulties. The man went through another procedure two days later to treat the affected tooth.

Another of his front teeth was shaky, and seven other teeth suffered damage due to the impact caused by the offender's punches.

Offender claims to have had severe depression

SMDN reported that Lin claimed to have suffered from severe depression and that he was mentally affected by a car accident that he was involved in a year before the assault happened.

He added that he was signing documents at the hotel's reception when he was insulted "for no reason", and that what happened, coupled with his condition, caused him to become impulsive.

The severity of the injuries suffered by the guards were said to be due to the fact that Lin had been working out and therefore did not realise how much strength he was putting into his attacks.

The judge pointed out that a psychiatric assessment showed that Lin had no condition that would predispose him to committing the crime, and that he had consumed alcohol before the incident happened. The offender was also found to have a history of causing disturbances in public.

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Top photos by Shin Min Daily News & Sentosa.